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The eco trend

The young generation likes to go through life stylishly, but also minimalist. Street style trends dominate social media and create many new ideas among designers. However, some brands forget the most important demand of young people and that is respect for the environment. The Spanish brand Thinking Mu is not one of them. This clothing brand is completely environmentally friendly and totally trendy!

All Thinking MU's garments are dyed by using a low-impact and biodegradable process. But we have a selection of items that are dyed with natural flowers and minerals in a clean, non-toxic and 100% natural dying process, thanks to the Instant Color Technique.

Eco-friendly fashion and trashion

When it comes to sustainability, Thinking Mu is on board. The clothing brand supports the environment in various ways. First of all, by working with sustainable materials, such as organic hemp, organic cotton, organic Merino wool, organic cashmere, Banana Organic Fabric, recycled PET bottles, chrome-free leather, organic corduroy, eco vero, refibra and Tencel. If that is not a long list. The colouring of their fabrics is also done completely naturally, thanks to the flowers! The Instant Colour Technique is a very sustainable process to add colour to clothes. No heat is needed as it uses cold water and no dryer is required. There are also no dangerous chemicals released in this technique. Thank God for that wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

Thinking Mu loves Zero Waste and therefore started its own TRASH campaign. The brand uses old fabrics to make new garments. With this initiative, they want to draw their customers into the upcycling trend. The upcycled items of Thinking Mu can be found under the filter Trash on their website. Because Thinking Mu is a slow and eco fashion at heart, the brand does not participate in the sales periods.

Thinking of you

The hand embroidery was made by experienced craftsmen in India. Thinking Mu has been working with these people for years and has thus also contributed to the socio-economic development of the country. The prints are made by hand screen and block printing. This gives each garment a uniqueness that is not possible with digital printing.

Thinking Mu produces its knitwear in its own country. The factory in Barcelona specialises in everything knitwear. For the recycled part of the collections, there is a collaboration with a factory in Italy. These factories are subject to the European Working Conditions. These guarantee good working conditions and fair wages for the employees.

Thinking Mu lets you join the climate march with extra style. Check below to see in which shops this brand is available.

Where to buy Thinking Mu?


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