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Sycorax is a fashion accessories brand that uses ethically sourced and sustainable materials for its production, with the intention of reducing the excessive ecological footprint that usually accompanies the textile and fashion industry.

This project was born in 2020 from the need to efficiently manage the textile leftovers generated by the family upholstery business of Vanesa and Nazaret, two sisters who work to create an alternative to the ecological and social reality that accompanies the world of fast fashion.


Vanesa and Nazaret, two sisters whose father is an upholsterer and mother a seamstress, are the creators of Sycorax. These two sisters grew up among fabrics and seams, among designs and shapes. Heirs to the art of restoration, they have understood recycling and reuse as a way of life and have felt the satisfaction of turning something broken or old into something beautiful and new.

With this background, it occurred to them to give a twist to everything they had learnt and they began to make backpacks, bags, etc. using upholstery scraps from their own family workshop and other sustainable fabrics.


To create their backpacks and bags, they use highly durable fabric scraps recovered from the upholstery of armchairs, armchairs and chairs, mainly from their upholstery.

They have also expanded their catalogue with recycled polyester fabrics that come from the recycling of PET plastic bottles that are collected from plastic containers and certified with Global Recycled Standard and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and Recover™ cotton fibre, obtained from the recycling of textile waste and used clothing from all over the world, which has the Global Recycled Standard ecological certificate.

In addition, for printing, their supplier uses water-based inks, with the type of fabrics and the technology associated with their printing being the most environmentally friendly currently available.

Finally, they allocate 1.5% of their revenue to the elimination of carbon dioxide. Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to curbing climate change, but the technology is lagging behind. With every Sycorax purchase, new carbon dioxide removal technologies expand.


The fabrics they use in their production are of recycled or sustainable origin. Their aim is to manufacture durable items with recycled and recyclable materials to contribute to the circular economy model, as well as to encourage the use of long-lasting goods in order to move towards a sustainable consumption model and put an end to the modern but deep-rooted habit of buying and throwing away.

At Sycorax they try to return to the values of reuse in order to reduce the use of raw materials and virgin natural resources.

Short chain

Sycorax is a small, artisan, family project. They design, sew, assemble... in their small premises in La Laguna (Tenerife).

A creation process that from start to finish is carried out by Vanesa and Nazaret's own hands. Everything is made with a lot of love and effort to achieve unique products.

In addition, they try to ensure that their fabric suppliers are located in their area in order to promote the local economy.

Animal welfare

At Sycorax they were clear from the beginning that they would not use materials such as leather, wool, or other products derived from animal exploitation for the manufacture of their bags and accessories.

They work with both organic and synthetic alternatives of recycled origin that are perfectly valid and of high quality. Nowadays there are many types of fabrics of both vegetable and synthetic origin (of recycled origin) that are presented as very good alternatives to animal leather.

Slow fashion & longevity

Sycorax manufactures durable and unique items in small quantities from stock.

If you like one of their products, but they are out of stock in the fabric you like, you can order it on request, indicating the fabric you would like on one of their products and they will make it personalised for you.

In addition, some of our products are only made to order, as is the case of their double pocket pencil case.

When you buy one of their products, you will know that the production is handmade and that each piece is unique!


Sycorax is a very transparent brand!

On their labels you will always have a small summary of the origin of the material used to manufacture the product and on their website you can find detailed information about the materials used in each product.

Looking for sustainable backpacks and bags? At Sycorax you will find ethically and sustainably sourced fashion accessories designed and made in the Canary Islands (Spain).

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