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Are you looking for a comfortable wire-free bra that still provides you all the needed support? Soft Revolt is radically comfortable! The brand has been offering innovative and comfortable bras for cup C-G since 2020.

The founder, Elles Roeleveld, left behind a career in finance to create Soft Revolt. The brand uses revolutionary technologies from other industries, including the footwear industry, to create wire-free, seamless, and highly durable bras. They are knitted from a single piece as much as possible with no underwire while still providing real support. The brand has small and large cup sizes so that all women can feel comfortable and feminine.


The production of the bras is zero waste. Thanks to the 3D knitting technique no material goes to waste. The brand tries to knit them from a single piece as often as possible. However, some pieces require additions like adjustable straps with metal slides.

They are made out of 88% polyamide and 12% biodegradable elastane. To preserve them, you can wash the bras by hand. The bralette dries very fast. Cold washing is preferable for the longevity of the lingerie as well as the environment.

Soft Revolt use biodegradable elastane which is Cradle-2-Cradle Gold and OEKO-TEX certified, which means that no harmful chemicals were used in its production. The polyamide, and therefore the majority of the material, is not certified. It is also not biodegradable, as polyamide is a synthetic material.

In addition to bras, Soft Revolt also sells a limited edition kimono, the UMI kimono. All kimonos are made from 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) so no new raw materials have to be extracted, and the kimonos are crease proof. The kimonos are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This label guarantees that the polyester is truly recycled.


Soft Revolt manufactures zero waste and ethical bras in Poland and due to strict European labour laws the working conditions are well controlled. This means that the products are designed to benefit both humans and the environment.

Circular economy

The circular knitting technology the lingerie is made with is so advanced that no waste is created during the manufacturing process. This technique promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials and runs off renewable energy.

The assembly is carried out on a single site, which considerably reduces the carbon footprint. The brand saves at least 3kg of CO2 per bra. The labels are designed to be discreet and not interfere with your comfort. However, the materials are not biodegradable. This is necessary for their elasticity and support.

Slow fashion

Soft Revolt produces its products in small quantities. In addition, at Soft Revolt's headquarters you can try on their bras (preferably by appointment) where they will give you advice on sizing. You can also make an appointment for a digital fitting session. Soft Revolt caters to cup sizes C through G and you can wear their bralette for 2 to 3 days in a row. They also fit snugly because of the 3D knitting techniques and are very comfortable. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your Soft Revolt lingerie for a long time!

Short supply chain

At Soft Revolt, the design and printing are done in the Netherlands and production takes place in Eastern Europe. Therefore, Soft revolt has a short supply chain and thanks to production being in Europe, the chances are very high that the working conditions are good.


Soft Revolt let us know that they value transparency, but are struggling to find a balance between being transparent online and protecting their innovative, revolutionary products from copycats. We fully understand this struggle and trust Soft Revolt to produce ethically and environmentally.

Soft Revolt is always growing and looking to improve so any advice you have on how to make their underwear more eco-friendly and comfortable is very welcome!

Soft Revolt makes sustainable 3D knitted bras that support you and make you feel sexy. The environmentally-friendly lingerie is ethically made in Europe. Try on Soft Revolt’s bras at the shops on the map below!

Where to buy Soft Revolt?


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Soft Revolt pink bra Amsterdam stores COSH2