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slo̲wbasic is a brand created by María, Marta and Bea, three Galician friends who decided to join forces to offer a sustainable wardrobe with values.

They design in A Coruña under the slow fashion philosophy, organic and timeless designs made to last over time and to be combined with garments that you already have in your wardrobe.

In slo̲wbasic they want to inspire and accompany all those people who decide to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


In slo̲wbasic they create artisanally and locally, in a workshop located on the Galician coast of Pontevedra, with materials free of toxic chemicals and free of animal products.

María, Marta and Bea, friends since childhood, are the people behind the slo̲wbasic brand. They grew up together surrounded by nature, rain and the immense Atlantic sea. Nowadays, they are an interdisciplinary team, where each of them brings their knowledge, their experience and above all, a lot of love for spreading a sustainable lifestyle.


Slo̲wbasic uses natural materials such as organic cotton, which is grown organically without toxic chemicals. Organic cotton, compared to conventional cotton, reduces the carbon footprint by 22% and saves 70% of water.

They only use fabrics that contain at least one sustainable guarantee seal, such as GOTS or GRS, which certifies that the raw material is organic, the production has been carried out without chemicals and the conditions of the employees have been respected. In each of their garments, the composition and sustainable guarantee seal can be consulted and checked.

In addition, they help their environment, allocating part of their profits to the cleaning of nearby beaches, reforestation, among other measures for the regeneration of the natural environment.


They are committed to a circular economy by giving you the opportunity to reconvert your slo̲wbasic clothing, giving it a second life when you no longer use it.

If your slo̲wbasic garment has been torn, damaged or has a stain that is impossible to remove, you can contact them. They will send you a shipping label so that you can send them the garment in question and they can either repair it, reuse it or convert it into a new material.

In addition, they make use of the fabric scraps left over from their production by sending them to organisations that reuse them to make other garments or objects.

Finally, they also use sustainable shipping materials: their packaging has been designed under the zero waste philosophy.

Short Chain

Their organic cotton fabrics are of national or European origin, and come to Galicia, where they design and make all the garments by hand in a workshop located on the Galician coast of Pontevedra.

In addition, they support local trade as a way of growing small family economies and participate in local initiatives such as "Creativas Galegas".

Animal welfare

slo̲wbasic garments are 100% vegan. They are free from animal-derived raw materials.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

slo̲wbasic joins the slow fashion movement, through which they promote garments with a positive impact, handmade in Galicia with natural and sustainable fabrics.

They seek durability and timelessness of the garment over time, so they offer minimalist basics. They believe in a sustainable lifestyle and apply it in their way of making and producing.

In addition, to take care of the garments and make them last longer, they recommend washing them inside out in cold water, with similar colours. Before washing the garments, you can also consult their washing label and composition.


slo̲wbasic provides full information about the sourcing and responsible production of its products, which is available on its website for anyone who wants to know more about the brand.

In addition, COSH! spoke with the founders and ensured 100% transparency about the materials and production sites.

If you're looking for timeless and basic designs and made to last over time, slo̲wbasic is definitely the brand to know. Take a look at their clothes and join the slow fashion movement that promotes conscious and sustainable fashion!