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Rita Row is sustainable, global and Mediterranean. A must have for all modern, hardworking free women. And the perfect brand to make room for in your capsule wardrobe.

Rita Row?

In 2013, Imma Serra and Xènia Semis started Rita Row together. The Catalan brand combines the elegance and authenticity of craftsmanship with real American flair. Ohlala!

So, Imma and Xènia. But, hold on, who is Rita ? Well, Rita is the fictional character that the designers keep in mind when designing their collection. A woman after our hearts, in other words.

Eco: from needle to thread?

Rita Row works with 4 different factories, all in Barcelona. There, the knitted fabrics are made and other fabrics are cut to size.

The brand wants to evolve into a 100% natural collection, but Rita Row already uses as many sustainable materials as possible. For example, the spring and summer collection of 2018 consisted mainly of Tencel®, GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled knitwear. What that recycled knitwear really is, Rita Row is vague about. Is it recycled yarn or old knitwear that has been cut up and reused? We have no idea. So Rita Row: let us know!

For the winter collection 18-19, Rita Row already used mostly natural fabrics (viscose, merino wool and virgin wool). All these fabrics come with the right certificates that guarantee their origin and durability!

Rita Row talks openly on its website about the production process of its garments. There, you'll find a lot of information. Even so, the brand can be much more transparent by showing, for example, which suppliers it works with.

A great place to work?

Yes! Rita Row designs in Spain. And all the fabrics are made in Western Europe, mostly in France and Italy. By choosing to produce in Spain, Rita Row supports local entrepreneurs. It also gives the brand the opportunity to closely monitor the entire production chain and to ensure that all garments are made in good labour conditions.

Is Rita Row a circular brand?

Not quite. Because although Rita Row does work with recycled knitwear (but that term is vague, see also above), the brand can focus even more on circular design.

Overall / Short

Rita Row is durable, elegant and edgy. And meant to last for years.

Where to buy Rita Row?


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