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Rianne de Witte has been studying sustainable textiles since 1992 and is a real pioneer of sustainable fashion. Her love for the local Zeeland coast taught her from a young age that we need to take care of nature. The Dutch fashion designer started looking for alternatives to the hyper polluting fashion industry.. This led her to start designing high-quality, timeless clothing that still features in her collections! Quality, comfort and a perfect fit are central to every Rianne de Witte creation.

After the economic crisis, Rianne made the bold decision to move the production of her clothes back to her studio. This means she is able to guarantee that the supply chain of each of her creations is clean and sustainable. All of the clothes are ‘made to order’ and are therefore perfectly fitted to each customer. Women with smaller or bigger sizes than average are also very welcome.

In addition to her regular collections, Rianne de Witte also designs workwear. She worked with Hotel New York in Rotterdam and De Harmonie Theatre in Leeuwarden, among others.


This sustainable clothing brand only works with GOTS-certified fabrics ensuring the farms and textile factories she works with guarantee good working conditions to their employees. Rianne de Witte then sews the clothes herself in Breda. This supply chain means you can be sure that your item of clothing has been produced in an honest and safe way. Rianne does also outsource some of the sewing work to other small workshops in the Netherlands. For example, the embroidered details in her collections are done by Wereldwijven, a multicultural studio which combines social entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, in Dordrecht.


Rianne de Witte uses natural and GOTS-certified materials. The GOTS label ensures that the cotton, linen and hemp are all organic, that they are dyed in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemicals and that the working conditions are good. Organic cotton, linen and hemp are grown without the use of harmful chemicals. She prefers to buy the materials directly from the producers.

Cotton, linen and hemp are all natural fibres that come from plants. Did you know that linen and hemp actually grow really well in Europe and are good alternatives to cotton? You’ll find linen and hemp farms across Europe, including in Belgium and France. Read more about hemp here.

In addition to these plant fibres, Rianne de Witte also works with animal fibres like wool and silk. Animals are not killed to make these materials but are used to produce them. That’s why Rianne always opts for ‘peace silk’ and ‘mulesing-free’ wool when she’s choosing her fabrics.

The buttons that are on some of the clothes are made as much as possible from natural materials (such as wood) or recycled materials. The zips are also made from recycled materials, or are YKK which are very good quality meaning the clothes will last a long time. The elastic that’s present in some of the clothes is biodegradable and made from natural rubber and organic cotton.

Circular economy

Rianne de Witte works with natural materials, meaning that her clothes are biodegradable (other than the zip). Most of her clothing is also mono material, i.e. no mixed fibres, which also really improves their recyclability.

Slow fashion

Rianne de Witte is a true supporter of the slow fashion movement. The Dutch fashion designer encourages her customers to buy less and make sustainable choices in order to combat pollution and climate change. That’s why she does not participate in seasonal sales.

The designs are minimalistic, timeless, elegant, comfortable and beautifully cut. There are both loose and tight fits, so there’s something for every body type.

The collections always have pieces suited to every single season. Although new designs are regularly added to the collections, there are also designs that are only slightly modified and others that remain in the collections permanently.

Rianne de Witte operates on a 'made to order' basis. This means that she makes the clothes once after you have ordered them leading to less surplus stock and more environmentally friendly production. It’s also possible to ask for existing designs to be tailored to your size or to ask for a design in another colour or fabric. By ensuring your new item of clothing is perfectly suited to your body and your taste, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Rianne de Witte's clothes are designed to last. Is your Rianne de Witte piece in need of a repair after years of wear or are you looking to get a new copy of your favourite dress? Rianne will be happy to help!

Short supply chain

Rianne de Witte clothes are all made in the Netherlands. The designer prefers to buy materials directly from the producer and in that way keeps the supply chain short, with very few middlemen between the raw material and the finished product. For example, the linen comes from Italy and Ireland.


COSH! talked to Rianne de Witte who was very open about her ways of working and where she gets her materials from. She gave us the names of her producers and traders. We are pleased with how transparent the brand is and therefore award it the 90% transparency badge.

Looking for timeless, quality clothing? Find out where you can find the Rianne de Witte collections in your neighbourhood on the map below.

Rianne de Witte also gives masterclasses in her own studio, where you will learn to make clothes you can enjoy for a long time. During the workshops, Rianne pays a lot of attention to technique, fit and finish. A great activity for anyone who wants to learn how to make clothes in a sustainable and traditional way!

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