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Pachamamaï has everything you need for your zero-waste bathroom. Check out this brand for packaging-free skin and hair care products. All the products are made by hand in France. This French cooperative limits its environmental impact by using artisanal production processes and plastic-free, recyclable packaging.


Pachamamaï skincare products are handmade in France. The brand operates as a cooperative, with several French artisan producers working together.

Pachamamaï has got partnerships with certified suppliers and organisations. This allows them to source natural, organic and fairtrade ingredients. These suppliers work with small local producers, in Ecuador, Peru and Sao Tomé, among others. These collaborations ensure that the producing communities are encouraged to sustainably exploit biodiversity. They also improve their living standards. Pachamamaï therefore sources its ingredients directly from communities that are committed to biodiversity conservation.


Pachamamaï's products only contain natural ingredients. The brand uses the special properties of ingredients like calendula extracts, cocoa butter and shea butter to take good care of your skin and hair. The ingredients are also organic.

Pachamamai makes coal process soaps. This artisanal method requires much less CO2 and ensures the oils retain their qualities better. After the ingredients are mixed together, the soaps are pressed into a mould. They are then left to harden for 5 to 6 weeks.


As all the ingredients are natural and organic, Pachamamaï's products pose no danger to nature. The care products are also completely free of microplastics and therefore do not generate any waste. Even the production process and packaging are zero-waste!

Short chain

As the brand uses many special ingredients, Pachamamaï has a long supply chain. Ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter, for example, come from South America and Africa. The products themselves are made in France, though.

Animal welfare

Pachamamaï uses only organic, plant-based ingredients. Many of the products are therefore certified by PETA as vegan (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Pachamamaï attaches great importance to the quality of their products so strict quality control checks are carried out on the ingredients. By using plant-based and organic ingredients, Pachamamaï ensures that their products are suitable for different skin types, including sensitive skin.

Several of their hair and skin care products, for example the shampoos and conditioners, come in the form of solid bars of soap instead of liquid. These bars will last much longer as it’s easier to only use what you need. Solid personal care products tend to be easier on the budget as well than their liquid counterparts because you mix them yourself with water.


Pachamamaï is not very transparent about the suppliers they work with. The brand does disclose that they work with local producing communities, but otherwise provides little information about them. Pachamamaï is, however, very transparent about the artisan producers who are part of the cooperative.

Pachamamaï sells all the bathroom essentials for a zero-waste lifestyle. Check out this brand for natural hair, skin and face care. Find out where you can buy the products on this map below.

Where to buy Pachamamaï?


Pachamamai COSH FW22 shampoo solide
Pachamamai COSH FW22 serum visage
Pachamamai COSH FW22 deodorant solide
Pachamamai COSH FW22 dentifrice solide