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Looking for a timeless handbag that matches perfectly with all your outfits? Then we would like to introduce you to O My Bag. Founder Paulien Wesselink founded the handbag brand in 2011 and wants to give something back to the community and the environment with her social enterprise.

O My Bag uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to evaluate, optimize and make their production process more sustainable. In 2015, the Dutch brand even won the Sustainable Leather Awards. This is an award for an innovative idea within the Dutch leather sector with a positive effect on people, animals and the environment. An award to be proud of!


Leather is a high-quality material that is very durable and - unlike other materials - becomes more beautiful over time. An O My Bag handbag or weekend bag ages beautifully and becomes increasingly softer over time.

The high-quality leather of the handbags and wallets is tanned vegetally without the use of harmful chemicals. The tanneries of O My Bag use special environmentally friendly and natural procedures to ensure that no harmful products end up in nature.

The inside of the wallets and handbags consists of GOTS certified organic cotton. Super! The brand also avoids artificial chemicals in its production this way. And what's more, after use -with the exception of the zippers and sewing thread- the bag is biodegradable.


O My Bag has a longstanding relationship of trust with their producers in India and China, including EMA, the Sheong Shi Tannery, as well as new partners such as Mapletree. The average duration of the collaborations with their partners is 4.5 years. All factories are SA8000 certified to ensure that workers work under fair conditions. In addition, EMA is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

At O My Bag, the team strives to make a positive difference in the world through its handbags, and with success! The Dutch company managed to offer 783 fair jobs in India in 2019.

Animal welfare

However, it is unclear where the hides for the leather came from, or in what conditions the cows were kept. So we cannot be sure that animal welfare was guaranteed. O My Bag did recently expand their collection with bags in organic cotton.

Circular Economy

The brand provides customers with handy guidelines on how to best maintain your quality leather goods. Small defects or scratches in your leather can be repaired by yourself!

Do you feel like something new after a few years? Then you can hand in your O My Bag at one of the sales outlets or send it in to the head office in Amsterdam. In exchange for sending in your old bag, you'll receive a 20% discount on a new product.

If you live close to the store, you can also trade in a handbag or wallet for another second-hand item! All returned bags are collected in a vintage library, where they can be sold or lent out. In this way, O My Bag gives old handbags a second life and the life span of the bags is significantly extended.

The O My Bag headquarters and the two stores in Amsterdam and The Hague run on

100% renewable energy and also in terms of transport, the Dutch brand does its bit. The handbags travel by plane from India to the Netherlands. Through which the brand emitted in 2019, 139 tons of CO2. This the brand compensated by investing in accredited carbon offsets. In addition, the brand also invests in sustainable projects such as cooking ovens in India, to give back to local community.

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