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The brand name MOMA is an acronym for Midnight Over My Actions. It refers to the many sleepless nights of the Gironacci brothers as they crossed Europe in search of ideas and inspiration.


MOMA was born at the end of the eighties in a small workshop (where MOMA shoes are still produced!) in the heart of the Marche region in Italy. Everything is made following traditional methods and with great love for the environment. The Italian manufacturer is subject to European labour regulations and to the strict environmental standards that the European Union imposes on its member states.


The leather they use is made by Italian manufacturers who only work with the best quality vegetable tanned leathers. MOMA produces unique timeless shoes for men and women, and uses soft leather to ensure its shoes will be comfortable for a very long time.

The Tuscan leather tanners use both modern and artisanal techniques to make environmentally-friendly shoes. Vegetable tanned leather is an environmentally-friendly alternative to chrome tanned leather.

The tanning process prevents the proteins in the animal hide from rotting and makes the leather into a strong material. Chromium has historically been used to soften the leather but it’s a heavy metal which is extremely toxic for the environment. Vegetable tanning processes use vegetable tannins, extracted from tree bark, and are better for the environment and those working closely with the leather.

Short chain

MOMA boasts an amazing short supply chain, entirely based in Italy. The brand’s close connections with its suppliers in the Marche region means it can respond much faster to issues, and also reduces its environmental footprint due to the short distances to be covered. MOMA shoes are 100% Italian!

Slow fashion

MOMA’s shoes are of the highest Italian quality and in timeless styles that you’ll be able to wear year after year without ever tiring of them. This allows you to make the most of the long life of the materials, especially as leather just becomes more beautiful with age! If your shoes are starting to look a bit worn out, then take them to a cobbler to be repaired.

Curious about these unique Italian shoes? See the map below to find you where to get your own pair!

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