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The Belgian brand Maï & Kaï makes sustainable underwear for children aged 2 to 10 years from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Maï & Kaï' is Hawaiian, meaning 'something good'. And this is their mission. Maï & Kaï's produces high-quality underwear which respects people and the environment. Ultimately, they aim to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.

Ethical production

The production of underwear for girls and boys takes place in Greece and India. Both producers are GOTS certified and guarantee fair wages and ethical working conditions.


The fabric used by Maï & Kaï's is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This label ensures that no harmful chemicals are used during the growing of the cotton and carries out independent checks on the working conditions. Would you like to read more about the advantages of GOTS organic cotton? Then click here.

The printing of the underwear is ecological, with dyes that do not contain any chemical substances harmful to the skin or the environment.

Besides the underwear itself, the packaging is also made entirely of natural materials. Maï & Kaï consciously choose packaging that is 100% recycled paper with an FSC certificate, thus resolutely choosing a zero plastic policy! We at COSH can only applaud this.

Animal welfare

Maï & Kaï attaches great importance to animal welfare. All products are made of completely natural materials. Moreover, for every product sold, 10% is donated to the Turtle Foundation, a non-profit organisation that protects the lives of endangered sea turtles.

Circulaire economy

Because the pants and singlets of Maï & Kaï are made of 100% organic cotton, they are easily recyclable. Therefore, the garments fit perfectly within the circular economy!

Short Chain

Maï & Kaï's cotton comes from Turkey and India and is produced in Greece and India before going to the warehouse in Belgium. The brand tries to keep the production chain as short as possible and avoids as many intermediate links as possible. In this way, they keep their CO2 emissions as low as possible.


Maï & Kaï is very transparent about its production. You can find information about the factories in Greece and India on Maï & Kaï website and the GOTS website. This transparency can confirm that the manufacturing is fair and ethical!

Are you still looking for children's underwear with cheerful prints that are good for both nature and your children's skin? Be sure to take a look at the outlets listed below:

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