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Lilja the Label is a sustainable Finnish swimwear brand founded in 2016. They make high quality, ethical and sustainable swimwear. Non-seasonal, suitable for both warm beach days and invigorating winter swims.


All Lilja the Label products are made in Bali, Indonesia. The brand has been working closely with the manufacturer since 2018 and visits them every year. The clothes are made by a small family-run business, where 36 people work hard on this sustainable swimwear.

All suppliers are also chosen with care. Lilja the Label only works with suppliers, producers of packaging materials, etc. who can guarantee good working conditions. The brand also demands that all manufacturers in its supply chain have good working conditions, pay fair wages and give holiday, among other things.


Lilja the Label uses Econyl recycled nylon in its swim and sports collections. This material is made by Italian manufacturer Aquafil, then exclusively Italian company Carvico makes this Econyl yarn into fabrics suitable for swimwear and activewear. Econyl is made from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic. Every 10,000 tonnes of raw material collected saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil from being used and 65,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere.

Another sustainable material used by Lilja the Label is Repreve, recycled polyester made from old plastic bottles. This material is made by US producer Unifi from PET bottles and industrial waste.

Lilja the Label also uses organic cotton in some of their products. This cotton is GOTS-certified. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label guarantees that the cotton is organic and that the material meets strict environmental and social requirements.

Lilja the Label is committed to sustainability even in their choice of packaging. All products are shipped in certified cardboard packaging. All of the packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. For every order, the brand also donates a small amount to a non-profit organisation that works to save the Baltic Sea.


Swimwear requires a small amount of elastane for comfort. Lilja the Label's products are no exception. This makes for quality swimwear, but unfortunately also makes for more difficult recycling after use.

Fortunately, their swimwear is made from recycled materials, which still makes the products more circular, because it upcycles waste and does not require new petroleum to be produced.

Their sports clothes made entirely out of organic cotton are also circular, as they are biodegradable.

Short chain

Lilja the Label unfortunately does not have a short supply chain. The company is headquartered in Finland. Their clothes are assembled in Indonesia, the fabrics come from Italy and the United States. Lilja the Label prioritises quality and ethical production of their collections over a short chain.

Animal welfare

No materials of animal origin are used in the Lilja collection. So this brand is completely vegan! By recycling waste materials, Lilja the Label is also helping restore marine ecosystems, which is good for animal welfare!

Slow fashion & Longevity

Lilja the Label’s clothes feature earthy tones and graphic prints. The designs mix touches of nature with vintage influences from past seasons. They want their products to bring you long-lasting pleasure and be your favourite swim suit for seasons to come.


Lilja the Label provides a lot of information about its supply chain and the materials they use. The fact that they work with one regular production partner is conducive to transparency. This close relationship can also be seen in the regular visits Lilja the Label makes to the production site.

Want to swim in style and protect the planet through your shopping choices? Discover Lilja the Label's collection! Find out where to buy this brand below.

Where to buy Lilja The Label?


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