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Creative genes

Accessories with graphic elements and a vintage feel? You can find them at La Femme Garniture. Sabine Van Acker, former graphic designer, founded her brand in 2007 and has since created unique, modern-vintage handbags, scarves, hats and blankets. She got the creative microbe from her father who was a shoe designer. This femme doesn't disappoint.

Belgian knitwear

The entire collection is made in Belgium and she doesn't look too far for the fabrics. Most of the materials come from Western Europe. La Femme Garniture works with Merino wool, linen, viscose, organic cotton, silk and for handbags also with leather and recycled polyamide. One by one, quality fabrics that guarantee the durability of each product. The buttons are made of plastic and COSH! would rather see things differently. But Sabine has informed us that she is interested in more sustainable alternatives. We are curious!

As mentioned before, La Femme Garniture is produced in Belgium, part of the collection of which is still knitted by hand. Because the production takes place in Belgium, there are good working conditions and fair wages.

At La Femme Garniture you'll find a stylish scarf as well as a trendy handbag, all made in Belgium! See below where you can find La Femme Garniture.


La Femme Garniture spiegel fedor zacharik
La Femme Garniture Scarf SVETA Bag CONE fedor zacharik
La Femme Garniture MASHA BRICK JEANSCABAZ fedor zacharik
La Femme Garniture DEKEN ZARAH fedor zacharik

Where to buy La femme garniture?