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The 50's called and they say you look great in their prints! With King Louie's clothes, you're both retro and modern, and that little bit romantic at the same time. Curious what else the brand has to offer? Then be sure to read on.

King Louie?

Ann Berlips and George Cramer started their shop in Amsterdam in 1981. First they collected vintage finds and three years later they released their first garment under the name King Louie.
Now it has become a well known women's clothing brand among retro enthusiasts. Women who wear this brand will feel at their best in no time!


In recent years, King Louie has been striving very hard to use sustainable materials. For example, 15% of the collection is already made from environmentally friendly fabrics, such as Tencel, Lyocell. The brand also recently started using recycled PET. Some of their products are even GOTS-certified, which guarantees an environmentally friendly and ethical production.

King Louie also complies with REACH and POP legislation. These are European regulations that impose limits on the use of chemicals by companies. The result is the Restricted Substances List. King Louie presents this list to all their manufacturers with the intention that they follow it. In addition, the brand also cooperates a lot with OekoTex-certified companies. This means that no chemicals are used in the production process and that no residue is left on the products. The independent agency VERITAS carries out regular checks at the suppliers to see whether they still meet the RSL requirements.


For King Louie, honest production is very important. That is why the brand only cooperates with manufacturers who meet their requirements. Production takes place mainly in China and Turkey. In the latter country there is their main supplier. The owner of this company, Mrs. Nur Ger, is strongly committed to equal women's rights in the world. In 2012, the company even received an award: Best Social Gender Equality in Work Life. A year later, it was included in the Honorary List by United Nations Women Empowerment Principles and in 2016, Mrs. Nur Ger was appointed as their Global Business Advocate. If that is not a good collaboration!

King Louie is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and belongs to the 'good' category. To this end, the FWF checks the brand each year for certain criteria and this is then included in a report. These can be found on their website.

Comfortable retro clothing for women with a sense of romance. See below where you can find this modern-vintage brand!


King Louie yellow top cosh aw19
King Louie wrap top aw19
King Louie Tube Skirt Milano Uni red cosh aw19
King Louie Olivia Skirt Teardrop aw19
King Louie long dress stripe red cosh aw19
King Louie Double V Top Lapis pink cosh aw19
King Louie Cherry Sweater Fancy Sweat cosh aw19
King Louie black dress cosh aw19

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