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Very minimalistic

Trendy, basic and durable, that is a holy trinity in the world of fashion.

Jan ‘n June?

On a summer evening in 2013, the first seed was planted for Jan 'n June.
With a nice, fresh wine in their hands, Jula and Anne were thinking about a better world. Both of them came to the conclusion that there was too little supply of sustainable stylish clothing. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.


Jan 'n June brings her sustainable materials from all over the world. All producers can be found on a map on their website. This way, you know the origin of every part of your garment. Each garment has an ECO-ID, by working with latitude longtitude coordinates, die-hard researchers like us at COSH! can see in which factory location it was stitched. But it's not easy for everyone. It is not clear which products are made at which production locations.

But for COSH, this is not 100% transparency, as you can't find out exactly in which companies the materials are produced.

The materials that Jan 'n June processes in the clothing, carry various certificates, such as the GOTS-, the IVN Best- (international textile bandage), the GRS- (Global Recycling Standard) and the Oekotex-100 standard-label. In this way, as a customer, you can be sure of fair, ecological production and you do not have to be afraid of residual chemicals on your garment or in nature. But what materials are these then? Jan 'n June uses organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester, organic linen, recycled polyamide, recycled cotton and Tenowa.
The latter means "textile- no-waste" and is a project created by the Portuguese company Riopele. The producer uses its own textile waste to make 100% recycled yarns. Riopele focuses on low energy and water consumption.
How fantastic that is!

Made where?

As mentioned above, all materials carry a label that ensures good working conditions. But what about the final production? This takes place at a family business in Wroclaw, Poland.


The use of Tenowa is not the only circular to the brand. For example, Jan 'n June uses his Off-cuts (scraps left over from cutting the fabric) to make scrunchies, which can be perfectly combined with the garments.

As packaging, Jan 'n June chooses boxes of recycled cardboard that can be used several times. But that's not the only thing that's recycled with the brand, even the toilet paper in the head office had a previous life. Plastic packaging has no place in the company and COSH! is so happy with that!


Fashionable basics made with love for nature and man.
With 90% supply chain transparency this is a real winner for COSH!

Where to buy Jan 'N June?


Jannjune cosh SS20 man Mio men white
Jannjune cosh SS20 IRI Smidi ROS Ssand
Jannjune cosh SS20 T Shirt ALOE organic cotton white Front
Jannjune cosh SS20 man CAL Isand MEN
Jannjune cosh SS20 Boy white organic cotton
Jannjune cosh SS20 COR Osand
Jannjune cosh SS20 CAL Isand
Jannjune cosh SS20 LOT Cblack3
Jannjune cosh SS20 man COR Osand BO Ypapaya MEN
Jannjune cosh SS20 man KE Nsand LIA Mblack MEN 2