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Ida & Volta

Luxurious, minimalist and also very eco, that is the Belgian clothing brand, Ida & Volta. A brand that cares about Mother Nature, animals and people. And how the brand does that, the customer is kept fully informed.

Fauna & flora

In order to have as little impact as possible on the environment, Ida & Volta choose biodegradable, renewable, recycled and upcycled materials. In order to provide customers with all the information they need, as mentioned above, the brand works with producers who are transparent about their operations. In this way, as a consumer, you can find out where the material comes from, who made it and what its impact is.

An animal material that the brand likes to work with is silk. But didn't Ida & Volta care about animals? Yes, indeed, and that's why it only uses peace silk. During the production process of this type of silk, the grower waits until the caterpillar has fully developed before using the cocoon as a raw material.

In addition to silk, the clothing brand also produces clothes in linen. This is a 100% biodegradable material whose production and cultivation have little influence on the planet. The brand uses upcycled and recycled cotton for its cotton garments.


Do you want to know exactly where the cotton, silk or linen comes from? No problem, because Ida & Volta will give you all the information you need. The brand only works with companies that let their employees work in good conditions and give them a fair wage.
To be completely sure, Ida & Volta also carry out inspections of the factories. Transparency is therefore key at Ida & Volta.

The garments themselves are partly stitched in their own studio, the larger pieces go to the social studio of non-profit organization De Welvaartkapoen in Molenbeek.


Another aspect that is very important to Ida & Volta is circularity. That's why the brand makes each piece of clothing out of one material. In this way, after a good life, the piece can be given a second chance after a recycling process. As a consumer, you can send the zippers yourself back to the brand, where they are given a new purpose, just like the garments.

Belgians do it best, especially at Ida & Volta. A clothing brand for men and women who like it simple, but at the same time can enjoy a bit of luxury.

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