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Do you like making a statement with your clothes? At the Amsterdam-based brand Haruco-Vert you will find luxury clothing made from the most unique fabrics. Unique, sustainable and handmade! All the clothes and accessories are designed by Rutger Prommenschenckel, one of the founders of Haruco-vert in 2007.

Haruco-Vert is for everyone, regardless of gender, age and size. For everyone a one of a kind look that will remain qualitative and fashion forward for years! In addition, Haruco-Vert manufactures by order, to avoid waste and also, on request, to measure.

Ethics & short supply chain

All clothing and accessories are handmade in the Haruco-Vert atelier in Amsterdam-Noord. The production is therefore small-scale and the Haruco-Vert team does everything themselves, from production to photography. A local and short supply chain!

In the Amsterdam atelier, ethical working conditions are a given, but COSH! does not know what the conditions are like during the fabric’s production. Haruco-Vert buys fabrics from a fabric hall in the Netherlands but they come from different suppliers, each with its own supply chain.

Meanwhile, research is being done on the origin of the fabrics used, when more is known about it, that information will be shared here. Haruco-vert has the ambition to start using more sustainable materials and to take back clothes that are no longer worn for a second chance, to become a more circular company.


At the fabric wholesaler in Almere, Haruco-Vert only chooses fabrics that have an Oeko-Tex certificate. This means that they are free of harmful chemicals. When selecting, Rutger, the designer also pays attention to quality, texture and comfort.

Many garments are made of a combination of different materials, so no mono materials. Materials that you regularly see in the collection are polyester, cotton, viscose and elastane. Due to the mix of natural (cotton, viscose) and synthetic (polyester, elastane) fibers in the garments, they are not recyclable or biodegradable. Haruco-vert uses some synthetic fabrics because they remain colorfast longer and fade less than natural fabrics. Therefore, the clothes can be worn longer and are not seen as fast fashion but as a sustainable article of use. At COSH! we would like to see more ecological fabrics, such as organic or recycled alternatives.

The unique jewelry is also handmade in the atelier and is nickel free, they are made with steel, copper and pearls among others. These materials are selected based on their eccentric appearance and quality.

Animal Welfare

Haruco-Verts clothing is completely vegan and animal friendly, no materials derived from animals are used in the collections. Only the pearls in the jewelry are not vegan.

Circular economy

The clothing is made to order to avoid wasting materials. In addition, there is an extra service: having it custom made so that the clothing fits your body just right! Once you have placed an order, the garment will be ready within two weeks.

If there is any damage to your Haruco-Vert garment, you can have it adjusted immediately in the workshop. So that the clothing can last as long as possible.

Slow fashion

Haruco-Vert has a women's, unified (no gender) and men's collection, for each a one-of-a-kind look that will remain qualitative and fashion-forward for years. You will find unique textures and shapes, real statement pieces.

Moreover, this fashion transcends the seasons, so you can wear it as much as you like, through the seasons and over the years. The unified collection makes it possible to share your wardrobe with whoever you love or live with because it transcends genders. In this collection, you will also find skirts and dresses suitable for men.


In terms of transparency, Haruco-Vert can still grow, as the origin of the materials and the working conditions in which they are made are unknown. From the fabric sourcing and the making of the garments, the brand is transparent though.

Are you looking for a unique piece of clothing, made just for you? Then be sure to check out Haruco-Vert and get ready to be amazed by the craftsmanship!

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