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We looked it ip for you: 4 out of 10 people sleep bad. And about 75% of them doesn't feel refreshed at all. Recognizable? That has to be done better.

That is also what they were thinking at Green Sleep. So they developed beds with tailor-made mattresses, all made from natural materials and adapted to your needs. And with their pillows, duvets and bedding, you'll sleep like a baby. So you can start the day well rested.

Ready to go to bed? The experts at Ergodôme will be happy to help you put together a mattress adapted to your needs!

Green Sleep?

There is a strong relationship between the bed you are lying on and your sleep quality. The longer you are able to sleep uninterruptedly, the higher your sleep quality', according to Green Sleep. And that makes perfect sense, of course.

The Belgian company Green Sleep develops beds with made-to-measure mattresses, made from 100% ecological materials and handmade in Belgium. Their bed linen, pillows and duvets are also made from natural raw materials.


Green Sleep exclusively uses 100% organic and sustainable raw materials for its products and monitors the quality of these very strictly.

The core of every Green Sleep mattress consists of at least 95% hevea natural latex, from small eco-certified farms in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Hevea nature latex, excuse me? Well, that's the juice from the latex tree, the Hevea Brasliensis. And just like resin from a pine tree, the latex flows from the tree when you cut it. This 'milk' hardens into an elastic and water-repellent material: natural rubber. Greensleep only uses rubber from organic and cooperative farming. So no pesticides or growth promoters. Completely safe for people and planet and with the right certificates. You can also read about this on the Green Sleep website.

The latex is vulcanised and processed in Malaysia. Afterwards, the blocks are cut into pieces in Belgium and Canada.

But a mattress is not just made of rubber, of course. The rubber core is wrapped in a mattress cover made of 100% pure Texel wool. Wool retains body heat without overheating. The rough Texel sheep provide the perfect raw material for a soft mattress. Green Sleep does not use any chemicals to wash, soften or bleach the wool.

By the way, you can opt for a winter or summer cover for your mattress. These covers are made using special knitting techniques in GOTS-certified factories.

Organic cotton is grown on land that has been free of pesticides or other contamination for three years. So, no chemical substances such as chlorine or ammonia are used in their production. But also not during washing, spinning or bleaching. Greensleep does the latter with...oxygen. Oh, and the cotton is Oekotex-certified.

Green Sleep's wood used for the production of its beds and bed bases is FSC-certified. No wood from vulnerable forests or rainforests, but beech and birch from Slovenia and France. Environmentally friendly and processed without the use of harmful substances (such as formaldehyde). For each bed base sold, Greensleep plants a tree in a forest-poor area, as it says on their website.

A nice place to work?

Green Sleep closely monitors its production process: from controlling the fibres in India to spinning in Turkey, knitting in Germany and finishing touches in Denmark.

The mattresses and beds are made to measure in Green Sleep's Belgian workshop. In good conditions and - like you could read above - without chemicals and harmful substances that could be dangerous for humans (GOTS label). This craftsmanship earned Green Sleep the Handmade in Belgium label, a quality label for traditional Belgian products.

Green Sleep is in close contact with its rubber farmers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka and regularly checks working conditions.


Absolutely. Because of the quality, the products of Green Sleep last a very long time. Is your cover broken or dirty? You can just remove them and wash them (or have them repaired).

All mattresses are modular. This means that they can also be adjusted when your body changes. Do you need more or less support in your shoulders? The Ergodôme experts will be happy to help you. They will look which part of the mattress should be replaced.

And is your mattress completely worn out? By separating all those natural materials, the mattress can be completely recycled into new raw materials.

In short

100% natural beds, mattresses and bed linen by Green Sleep. And with expert advice at the Ergodôme stores in Antwerp (Wilrijk) or Kortrijk.

Wil jij kans maken op een matras ter waarde van €2000? Deelnemen is heel makkelijk. Print het onderstaande formulier, vul het in en breng het binnen bij Ergodôme in Kortrijk of Wilrijk. De winnaar wordt bekend gemaakt op 15 februari! Veel succes!

Download het formulier hier

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