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Did you know the vegan label Go as u.r produces amazing vegan cosmetics as well as clothes?! Their line of care products and make-up allows the brand to contribute to a more inclusive and healthier world. The production is done locally and a great deal of care is taken with regards to the aesthetics of the products. Behind Go as u.r is the genius, green rebel and power woman Annelies Lambert. Needless to say that we are fans!

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Natural ingredients

Over 95% of all their products, including their face creams, vitalising serums, body emulsions, cleansing milks and make-up, is natural, plant-based, raw and free of harmful parabens. The formulas are developed in a Belgian lab, super local! In addition to the nourishing, hydrating and calming effects, vegan care products really give your skin a boost. Did you know that our skin absorbs over half of what we put on it? It's therefore obvious that natural products are better for your skin.

Go as u.r Cosmetics combine natural ingredients with probiotics - the good bacteria in probiotics help protect your skin against ageing and pollution in places with poor air quality.

Water consumption is less of a major issue in the cosmetics industry than in the textile industry. However, every water-saving makes a difference. Go as u.r’s gel-to-milk H20-free cleanser is 100% anhydrous meaning no water has been used to produce it.

Animal friendly

Go as u.r do not use any animal products in their cosmetics. In addition, their Leaping Bunny certification guarantees that no animal testing has been carried out by either the manufacturer or the brand.

Their vegan formula involves strong concentrations of natural ingredients, such as apricot, avocado, rosehip, milk thistle, grape seeds or even rosemary, and water-based waxes and oils. In addition, the cosmetics contain vitamin E and various antioxidants to efficiently moisturize and restore your skin.


Go as u.r wants to empower women at home but also in the workplace. With every purchase, the brand invests 1€ in projects that support women worldwide. To this end, Go as u.r collaborate with Women's WorldWideWeb, an organization that empowers girls and women in various domains: education, networking, microfinance, access to Information Technology Extended (ITX) and e-mentoring.

Their production is located in Belgium and Italy, two countries that are subject to European labour legislation so we assume good working conditions at the factories and suppliers of Go as u.r.

Packaging from recycled materials

Go as u.r’s packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Any paper used is either recycled or FSC-certified. This stands for Forest Stewardship Council and guarantees that the wood used comes from a sustainably-managed forest.

Gift boxes which you can buy to treat yourself, a friend or family, are metal and you can recycle them or re-use them. We personally think they’re too nice to throw away.

Short supply chain

The Go as u.r head office is located in Antwerp and production is in Belgium and Italy meaning their supply chain is short. As with fashion, we examine the amount of transport needed for each product from assembly to packaging to retail in relation to the brand's head office because a short supply chain ensures less greenhouse gas is released into the air. Go as u.r. is therefore a cool, sustainable & ethical Belgian brand that is definitely worth shopping from!

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