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Looking for an environmentally friendly toothpaste for your zero-waste bathroom? Maybe in the form of liquid in a glass jar, powder or tablets? Georganics makes natural and non-toxic brushing possible for everyone, through bamboo toothbrushes, natural dental floss and mouthwash. Products that are good for your mouth’s health, but also for the planet!


Georganics is a Living Wage employer and pays its employees a wage that allows them to meet their daily needs. This wage is above the minimum wage and the brand wants to show that they care about the well-being of their employees, in addition to their commitment to ecology.

The products are generally produced in the UK, where the risk of unsafe working conditions is limited. It is difficult to estimate what the working conditions are like when obtaining the various ingredients, for example when extracting diatomaceous earth in Mexico and organic shea butter from Senegal.

In addition, Georganics is a certified B Corp with a score of 99.4 (the minimum score for certification is 80). The B-Corporation is a non-profit organisation that certifies for-profit companies based on their social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability.


The ingredients in the Georganics toothpastes are 100% natural and also partly organic. To back this up, the brand has a COSMOS certificate from the Soil Association. The Soil Association Certification is an independent non-profit organisation that evaluates the entire production process, including the sourcing of the ingredients, the formulation procedures, and the locations, as well as the packaging and its impact. Among other things, this certificate sets requirements for natural origin (non-natural ingredients are only allowed in cases where there is no other alternative), the percentage of organic origin (minimum 20%) as well as a ban on harmful production processes, and in the product.

Most Georganics toothpastes and mouthwashes are free of fluoride, glycerine and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Minerals such as calcium, potassium and silica are used in these toothpastes to promote function. Except, of course, for the special line of fluoride toothpastes. These contain 1350ppm (parts per million) of naturally occurring calcium fluoride to prevent cavities and staining. The disadvantages of fluoride, however, are that it can rub off the enamel of your teeth, can be toxic (if swallowed) in large quantities, and can also have harmful effects if released into the environment. SLS is often added to toothpaste to make it foamy, but it can also cause irritation to the oral mucosa, so Georganics prefers to avoid it!

The different types of toothpaste have different ingredients with a positive effect on the appearance, health, and odour of your mouth, such as charcoal, peppermint, essential oils, and vitamin E. Georganics show that you can also achieve healthy oral hygiene with natural kinds of toothpaste and rinses! Want to know more about the functions of the various ingredients of Georganics? Read about them in detail here.

In addition to the care products, Georganics also makes floss and toothbrushes. The floss is compostable and consists of bioplastic made from maize, vegetable wax, and essential oils. The handles of the ordinary toothbrushes are made of birch wood and the brushes on top of them are made of nylon, which means that only the handles are compostable, fortunately, the brushes are easy to detach. The Sonic nozzle for the electric toothbrush is less environmentally friendly, as it is made of plastic, but is theoretically recyclable.


All Georganics packaging is recyclable and/or compostable. The cardboard boxes are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council), so the wood is obtained from sustainable forestry. The ink used for the prints is based on vegetable pigments.

Glass, aluminium, stainless steel, foiled paper liners, kraft paper labels, and maize-based bioplastic bags are also used for packaging.

Short Chain

Most of the ingredients come from European soil such as France, Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom. But some ingredients come from other parts of the world, such as coconut oil from Malaysia and dicalcium phosphate from the United States. Because these different ingredients are mixed into the products, this results in a generally long supply chain.

Animal Welfare

Georganics is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. This means that the products are not tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. The brand has the Vegan Trademark certificate from the Vegan Society to prove that it is completely vegan. And the COSMOS Organic certificate includes a ban on animal testing. Did you know that regular floss often uses silk but Georganics chooses a plant-based alternative made from corn-based bioplastic? And even the glue used for the labels is vegan.


The mineral toothpaste powder, toothpaste tablets, tooth soap and mouthwash tablets are suitable for children/people aged 5 years and older. The mineral toothpaste and oil-based mouthwash are suitable for ages 6 and up. The floss for people over 8 years. The oral care products are also safe to use during pregnancy, unless you wish to avoid essential oils for homeopathic reasons.

In short, you can safely share the jars of toothpaste, powders and tablets with almost every member of the family! And because of the range of different flavours, there is bound to be something that gives you a fresh feeling in your mouth.


Georganics uses very transparent and understandable ingredient lists. On the website, you can read why certain ingredients have been added to the products (the function), where the ingredient was obtained from, and what the country of origin is. On the product label, you can easily see which ingredients are organic by looking at the asterisks * indicated after the names.

The exact names or addresses of the suppliers as well as the factory or laboratory where the oral care products are created are not disclosed. Georganics could communicate more transparently about this.

Want to take a step towards a more waste-free lifestyle and switch to natural oral care products? If so, the products from Georganics can help you take that step. Choose the products you think are best for you, whether that's liquid toothpaste, powder, or tablets. Find the Georganics range at the shops below!

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