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Fresh and fruity

Crawlers, shorts, dresses, sweaters... at Frugi you'll find everything for the little ones. But what makes the brand even more fun is the fact that everything is made of organic cotton*. The reversible designs, adjustable waistbands and interactive appliques also make the clothes very practical. Frugi makes your life and that of your child easier and more sustainable!

Frugi who?

Founders Lucy and Kurt started Frugi in 2004 after they found that finding the right clothes for babies was extremely difficult to find. With their brand, they wanted to market baby and breastfeeding clothing that was comfortable and also made of natural materials.
Now Frugi has become the sustainable brand for playful, multifunctional children's clothing and comfortable maternity clothing.

For Frugi, it's really in the detail! By multifunctional we mean the reversible collection. Did your child spill on his freshly washed clothes? No problem, just turn the garment inside out and you can continue your day without any worries.

Mother Nature first

Frugi cares a lot about the well-being of the planet and therefore strives to use materials that are as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. That is why in most cases it uses GOTS-certified organic cotton*. But that's not all, because their jackets are made from recycled PET bottles. In this way, they also help to clean up a cleaner ocean.

The social aspect
In order to ensure that the entire production process runs ethically, Frugi issued a Code of Conduct to which every producer they work with must comply. The entire code can be read on their website. The fact that the organic cotton is GOTS* certified means that we can be sure of good working conditions and fair wages on the cotton plantations.


Most of the garments are made of the same material, which makes recycling enormously easy.

Dress your child in the brightest colours with a comfort they will never forget. Soon to be mother? At Frugi you will also find maternity and breastfeeding clothing.

*On the 15th of December 2019 COSH! checked the GOTS number that is in their clothing and GOTS reports: THIS CERTIFICATE IS CURRENTLY NOT VALID.

This is an old license number. The company you are searching for is either no longer certified or is certified under a new number. For more information please contact the responsible company.

Frugi replied that they did not want to provide any further information or transparency about products. That is why this brand receives 0% transparency.

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