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FAM The Label

Classy with a hint of sassy. This is the feeling you'll have in an outfit from FAM. Be surprised by the fresh colors, beautiful silhouettes and a timeless design. In an outfit from FAM you will become part of a real FAMily where love, strength and authenticity are central themes. Values that are very important in life, just as sustainable fashion that is ecologically responsible. There is no lack of sustainability at FAM…

FAMtastic women

Vanessa Beniers is the founder and creative brain behind FAM. Like every woman, she is a real multitasker. She designs outfits that are ideal for any situation, whether you are a career woman, a mother or a dancing queen. One outfit, fits all.

For the label, she teamed up with an old acquaintance, the Portuguese Clarisse Rocha. A woman who looks for sustainable materials in a FAMtastic way.

These two women were the start of the FAMily. Together they searched for a manufacturer for their collections. Who searches, who finds! A small company in Portugal makes from a design, in consultation with the two ladies, a sustainable piece of clothing to dream of.

Every FAM is in the spotlight thanks to Katrien Stoefers. Katrien colors your life with her colorful prints.

Hi planet, how are you?

Sustainability is an important aspect of the concept because not only family is a central value, but also the planet. We live on "mother earth," a woman who deserves the same respect.

How does FAM deal with this? They buy, in Portugal, overstock of fabric that big brands don’t need. The large amounts of fabrics that would otherwise be lost are now being revived.

A printout for, that has this brand. The printing is done in a local company in Portugal so that the process stays in the FAMily region. Designer Vanessa chooses biodegradable viscose because the lifespan of your outfit is extended by using a good and sustainable material.

Jeans is one of the most worn garments. Your pants are also made with love. First they are stitched, then colored. The choice of material is again viscose or tencel, but for the sturdy ones, polyester is to the rescue.

When work becomes home

The Portuguese couple Hilda and Manuel is a real power duo. They have a small stitching company at their house. Designer Vanessa is always welcomed with open arms by the FAMily. In mutual consultation Hilda translates Vanessa's designs with the most fascinating and qualitative finishing techniques.

In the future there will be a collaboration with a Belgian knitting manufacturer. Knit your way to success...


FAM tries to work with residual flows as much as possible, so that the overstock of fabrics from large companies aren’t lost. They are always seamlessly integrated with the other colours and unique prints in the collections.

What to expect when you choose FAM?

No more thinking about whether your outfit fits for today's activity. Every outfit is suitable for every situation. Your outfit is made of qualitative and ecologically degradable fabrics. Finally, you also get a new family.... What more could you ask for?

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