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Clothing as a second skin

Reinventing yourself? Do it together with Eva Schalckens! Tailor-made clothing for unique women. Eva's love for fashion was developed from an early age. However, she chose to study translator/interpreter and moved to England for her work. Nine years later Eva returns to Belgium and picks up her old passion. After three years of training in fashion design and pattern drawing, Eva started her label EVA Schalkens in 2012.

Women can come to Eva for a timeless, tailor-made garment paired with a nice hot coffee and a good chat. The designer finds building a bond with her customers extremely important. That's why she takes the time with every woman to get to know her and give her that perfect piece of clothing. In her studio at home, women are in a safe place where they can let go of all their worries.
Prepare yourself for the most unique fitting experience of your life!

Sustainable & ethical

Eva uses end-of-roll fabrics. For this she always chooses sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, viscose, modal, cotton surpluses, wool, silk and other natural materials. In the selection of fabric remnants there is not always a 100% offer, so sometimes blends with polyester, polyamide or elastane are used. Another material Eva uses is cupro. This fabric is made of cellulose fibres and feels like silk. Cupro is also a breathable fabric, so ideal for the warmer days. She gets most of her fabrics in Belgium at The Fabric Sales in Rotselaar and a part comes from Fabric House in Italy. EVA Schalckens is real slow fashion, her collections are timeless and for women of all ages and sizes.

Each unique model from her collection the customers can try on in two sizes. This way the customers see how it shows on their body and they can combine it with other designs. Then Eva goes to work with her pin and needles and uses her hands to create an outfit that fits perfectly.

Eva makes most of her own garments in her own studio.
Each model is timeless and can therefore be worn for years. Eva does not work according to the principles of the fashion world and therefore does not release 4 collections per year. Her collection consists of the iconic EVA Schalckens models and every year she adds some pieces to it. EVA Schalkens is not only slow fashion, but also Handmade In Belgium! Hell yeah! And if there is more good news? Uh yes, because the designer applies the Zero Waste principle. She incorporates small fabrics that she has left in her clothes or she gives them another creative purpose: "I turn them into small gadgets, such as glasses cases, Christmas cards, Christmas baubles, attentions in clay for my customers and gift vouchers."


Soon an important event or a wedding? Pamper yourself with a tailor-made outfit by EVA Schalckens. How? Make an appointment and step into the world of Eva.

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EVA Schalckens COSH blouse Westminster and skirt Knightsbridge 7 Eva Schalckens
EVA Schalckens COSH shawl with geometric details 10 Eva Schalckens
EVA Schalckens COSH front view jacket Forest Hill 6 Eva Schalckens
EVA Schalckens COSH back view jacket Forest Hill 5 Eva Schalckens