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Clothing as artwork

Looking for a festive outfit that is unique, original and colourful? Timeless, stylish, handmade designs that don't go out of fashion? Eva Maria!

Eva Maria?
Eva Maria studied visual arts, but because of her impatience she ended up in draping. She loves to bring together colours, patterns, shapes and texture. She doesn't really think in terms of fashion and seasonal fashion trends. Rather in collections which evoke a mood, while having fun with the creation process. Usually Eva falls in love with an extraordinarily beautiful fabric that she happens to find. Since she only works with a few metres of fabric, only a limited number of pieces are produced. This designer makes handmade, original and colourful pieces in playful shapes. Craftsmanship of the highest order.

Eco resources?

Designer Eva Maria processes waste materials from local designers, but with original woven in Italy, Portugal or Spain, into new designs. If that's not a good start! But she wants to go even further and is therefore recently switching to ecological substances and dyes. For her own designs, she has a limited number of meters of fabric printed in a local company on the border of West and East Flanders.

Handmade in Belgium

All pieces are sewn by hand by the designer herself. She doesn't outsource anything to workshops. She believes in craftsmanship and durability. Once a piece is sold, there will never be the same second piece. You can't buy her pieces in a shop or through a webshop, only through private sales. Eva Maria loves being able to tell her story and sell her collection herself. Her clothes are very personal, but not made to measure because she wants to feel free in designing and making pieces.

Handmade and original pieces. Colourful and playful shapes made of exclusive and quirky fabrics. Sustainable Belgian fashion brand.


Eva Maria SS1920 look7 eva maria bogaert
Eva Maria SS1920 Look11 eva maria bogaert
Eva Maria SS1920 Look13 eva maria bogaert
Eva Maria SS1920 Look28 eva maria bogaert
Eva Maria SS1920 Look21 eva maria bogaert 1
EM Look 18 eva maria bogaert
EM Look 1 front eva maria bogaert
EM Look 2 front eva maria bogaert
EM Look 5 front eva maria bogaert

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