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Hungarian Kriszta grew up with a great love of fashion, graduated in Fashion Design and founded her own brand Eszka. She was brought up in fashion. Her parents used to have a knitting workshop, and as a child she used the leftover fabric to make clothes for her dolls. A passion that she continues in her brand.


Eszka processes unused yarns that she finds in warehouses of yarn factories all over the world and transforms them into unique colourful patterns. The tops, skirts, jumpers, joggings and pyjamas are made of 100% cotton. One skirt for the FW 2020 collection combines cotton with recycled acrylic. The jackets, coats and kimonos are either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton combined with recycled mixed yarn, recycled acrylic or silk.

Eszka also has a beautiful range of cushions and blankets that match perfectly. These are also made from a combination of cotton and recycled mixed yarn. The colourful blankets add colour and warmth to any living room, bedroom or office.

At COSH, we prefer organic cotton to regular cotton. But the fact that this cotton is residual makes it environmentally friendly! By using residual yarns, which would otherwise go to waste, the waste mountain is reduced and there is no need to buy new materials. Eszka makes sure that the raw materials are used in an environmentally friendly way.

The beautiful clothes consist of a daring mix of colours and shapes. Eszka wants to give her customers more self-confidence to be completely themselves.


The entire collection of beautiful clothes is produced in the knitting workshop in East Hungary, where Kriszta's father is responsible for the production. After this, the fabric goes to the sewing workshop, also in Hungary. The final finishing, or adding of buttons, is done by Kriszta himself.


A part of the collection is vegan, only silk comes from silk worms and is from animal origin.

Circular Economy

Eszka uses recycled yarn for its entire collection. This is unique and super, because it avoids the extraction of materials. She makes bags and accessories from the remaining material of the clothing. The brand produces no waste. Clothing made of 100% cotton is also easy to recycle afterwards. Eszka also uses renewable energy for their machines. An environmentally friendly process!

Short chain

Currently, the unique, sustainable garments are only shipped within Europe. Transport as well as greenhouse gases are thus limited.

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