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Finding sustainable lingerie that is both beautiful and fits well is not always easy to find. But with the German brand Erlich Textil you do not have to look far. You can find body’s, bra’s, underwear and lace underwear in all sizes. Also for women with size 42 and size 44 Erlich Textil has a nice offer of sexy and sustainable lingerie. For men and children Erlich Textil has a nice offer of basic underwear, T-shirts and underwear from biological and sustainable materials.


Erlich Textil uses qualitative materials from biological cultivation. At COSH! We’re a fan of biological cotton, because it protects the health of the soil, workers and skin. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate guarantees that no harmful substances are used, and that the cotton is actually subtracted from biological cultivation.

The cotton GOTS-certificated garments that Erlich Textil uses come from Turkey, India and the United States, then they get knitted, painted and cut in Germany and the underwear gets stitched in Romania.

The lingerie is nicely polished with lace and silky soft modal. Modal is made from beechwood and is a sustainable alternative for viscose. It feels super soft yet is as practical as cotton: you can wash it easily. Way less water is used for the production of this natural fiber than for the production of cotton. The Modal that Erlich Textil uses comes from Austria.

Next to the qualitative materials, the German lingerie brand makes use of recycled synthetic materials under which Q-Nova and Econyl. The Q-nova fibers are made of leftovers of nylon that would otherwise go to waste.

Econyl is made from polyamide fibers from post-consumer materials. What does this mean? Plastic that can be found in the ocean like from fishing nets, fabric scraps or industrial plastic are dredged up, sorted and transformed into strong nylon. Did you know that every ton of Econyl fibers saves out 7 barrels of raw oil and 5.7 tons of CO2? As you can see, a big win for the environment!

Unfortunately it is not easy to recycle the materials of Erlich Textil. The consistency of the materials varies a lot. Sometimes one article exists of even four different materials.


The German brand works without many intermediaries. Therefore, they can offer fair prices to their producers but also save on unnecessary costs. For this reason, you can buy sustainable underwear for an affordable price.

The GOTS certificate also provides criteria for fair working circumstances. The lingerie of Erlich Textil is made with a lot of love for the workers, the German team and the body. They have their own ‘code of conduct’ when it comes to the working conditions in the factories and because almost all of their production takes place in Europe they also fall under the European legislations.

Animal welfare

We can find the PETA-approved label at Erlich Textil, so you are sure that no single animal suffered for the production of your underwear, boxershorts, bras or bodies.

For some products, under which children’s shoes, they use materials coming from animals. Erlich makes sure that the sheep’s wool that they use comes from reliable sources. Their producer in the Swabian Alb buys the material from an Italian dealer that gets the wool from sheeps from South-Africa.

The wool is “mulesing-free” because mulesing has been prohibited in South-Africa since 2009. The leather that is sometimes used, for the children’s shoes for example, is vegetable tanned and painted and no heavy metals are used in the production process. The leather is therefore free of harmful materials and safe to be worn by the kids.

Circular economy

To limit their impact on the environment Erlich Textil works together with ClimatePartner to compensate for its pollution via climate projects. This way the brand invests again in sustainable solutions. The sexy and sustainable lingerie of Erlich Textil is 100% climate neutral because of this.

Slow fashion

Due to the timeless design the underwear is not subject to fashion trends that change in the short term. You can wear the basic underwear for years thanks to the good design and qualitative materials. This will lengthen the lifetime of your lingerie.

For several underwear, socks and bodies we can see that a certain amount of elastane is added, which is an artificial material that we are not a fan of. However, for some products like lingerie and socks we make an exception. The percentage of elasticity will increase the flexibility and comfort. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy your lingerie set, socks, bra or underwear for a longer time.

Korte keten

A lot of the clothes of Erlich are made in Germany. Other factories are located in Portugal, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The brand says which factories are specialized in what in a sustainability report of 2019. In this report they also explain why they choose certain types of materials.

Are you looking for sexy lingerie made from biological materials that are also available in size 42 and 44, or a sustainable panty? Then Erlich Textil is the place to be!

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