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Second love

The use of new natural materials to make garments is not always sustainable.
That's why it's important to check the certificates they wear. But what you can also do is make clothes from waste, like Ecoalf does!

A skirt of plastic bottles or a T-shirt of old shirts? The Spanish clothing brand Ecoalf has both. This brand does not use new materials to make clothes. We are exhausting our natural resources and there is still enough material that deserves a second life.


The clothing brand uses the following recycled materials: wool, cotton, PET, nylon and tyres. Yeah, car tyres. Ecoalf turns this into flip-flops. Recycling tyres is not easy, but the brand accepted this challenge. After two years of research and testing, Ecoalf succeeded in converting this forgotten product into an accessory. The brand uses PET for its jackets and bags and nylon for its yoga and sportswear.

Ecoalf started its most ambitious project in 2015. With the support of the HAP foundation and their own foundation they start Upcycling the Oceans.
This is a global project that, thanks to the help of certain fishermen, will contribute to the disposal of maritime waste at the bottom of the oceans. The waste, such as plastic, will also be fished out of the oceans in order to make clothes later on.

It wouldn't be Ecoalf if the packaging hadn't been made from recycled materials.
All shipments are made in cardboard boxes made of recycled paper and cardboard. The brand also does not use any plastic for the packaging. This is extra waste that we certainly don't need anymore. Instead, the brand packs the clothing with recycled and biodegradable paper.

B Corporation

Ecoalf is a B Corp company, which means that the company does its best to make the planet a better place. In order to obtain this certificate, you must meet social and ecological requirements, and there must be complete transparency.
But we do miss some information about where the production takes place.

In summary
Do you want to help clean up the ocean? With Ecoalf's clothing, you'll do your bit anyway. See below which stores sell Ecoalf!

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