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Palm trees or roses?

Shirts, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, and socks with a drawing that makes you laugh spontaneously. Brava Fabrics makes it its goal to make not only its customers but also the planet happy. Do you have a love for bicycles or cacti and aren't you ashamed to show it?
This brand can help you!

The brand

Brava was born out of everyday things that make us happy, make our hearts beat faster or make our mouths water. But also from the idea of doing things better this time and therefore being more environmentally friendly. The founders had had enough of the polluting aspect of the industry and decided to start their own sustainable brand Brava. A clothing brand for men and women who prefer quality over quantity.

Eco fashion

Brava only works with the following materials: organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Ecovero. This is how the brand wants to contribute to the planet. In addition, the clothing brand also presents itself as a slow fashion on the market. Brava does this by drawing a red line through all their collections. The following trends is not in their dictionary, nor is fast fashion.

Fair & Circular?

But fair fashion is! Brava has the garments produced in Spain and Portugal. The brand is in close contact with the seamstresses and regularly visits the workshops. Since Spain and Portugal are subject to European labor legislation, we can be sure of good working conditions and fair wages.

Each garment, except the socks, are made of one material and are therefore easy to recycle. This makes Brava even more attractive for COSH!

Is a blue shirt still a little too simple for you? Brava's won't let you down. See where to find Brava below!


Chaque vêtement, à l'exception des chaussettes, est composé d'un seul matériau et est donc facile à recycler. Cela rend Brava encore plus attrayante selon COSH !

Brava propose des vêtements de qualité pour toutes les saisons ! Regardez où trouver Brava ci-dessous !

Where to buy Brava Fabrics?


Brava cosh blue pull with yellow pocket
Brava cosh blue shirt pacman
Brava coshwhite shirt dear
Brava cosh yellow short palm