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Love for simplicity

A sweater, T-shirt or dress that you would like to take out of the closet every day. Basic Apparel wants to achieve this goal with its collections. But then the garment has to be of very good quality, doesn't it? That's right and that's why the brand puts that first, as well as the environmental friendliness of the product.

Basic who?

At the head of Basic Apparel are four power women who daily provide innovation within the company. From designing minimalist garments to striving for a more sustainable and ethical policy.


The knitwear consists mainly of 100% organic cotton and the light garments such as blouses are made of viscose. There are also a few items of clothing made from Tencel or 100% merino wool. But Basic Apparel does not always work with the most sustainable materials. For COSH! we still see too much polyester and generic viscose to call the brand eco. This is mainly found in the coats of the brand.

Basic Apparel orders the clothing on the basis of what was previously sold, so they do not get an overstock and there is no unnecessary use of certain products such as organic cotton. In addition, the brand has not been working with down for several years now.

Circular and ethical?

The jerseys and a large number of the dresses and sweaters are made of one material. This makes the recycling process very easy. The jackets, on the other hand, are not very circular, because they consist of a blend of 70% polyester and 30% merino wool. A blend is a fabric that consists of more than one type of fibre.

We don't know where the garments are made, this is the transparency part which they promised us that we really do miss.


Combine your trendy and unique skirt with a basic from Basic Apparel and the look is complete.

Where to buy Basic Apparel?


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