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No standard sizes, just sustainable clothes made to fit your body perfectly! Atalyé understands that every body is different. That is why they make made-to-measure clothes using their innovative 3D body scanning technology.

Atalyé is a new fashion brand which focuses on made-to-measure clothing. New technology allows them to design perfectly fitted sustainable, contemporary-classic clothes, such as blouses, dresses and skirts. Choose the cut that best fits your body!


Atalyé's atelier is based in Amsterdam and the entire process, from design to production, takes place there. You can also make an appointment and drop by for a 3D body scan. After you have chosen one of the designs, which you can personalise, your purchase goes into production.

All clothes are produced in their Amsterdam atelier, or in collaboration with local seamstresses. In addition, Atalyé is looking at opportunities to collaborate with an organisation that offers training to people with a migrant background.

In-house production allows Atalyé to control the process and ensure they deliver high-quality garments. The brand considers it important that customers know who produced their dress.

Seeing as all production is done in the Netherlands, we can assume that it is done in ethical conditions. Indeed, the Netherlands has strict labour rules and legislation that every manufacturer must comply with.


In addition to their ethical and local production in Amsterdam, Atalyé also works with sustainable materials. They work most often with tencel, organic cotton, recycled polyester or nylon, which they source from European producers. This ensures the fabrics are made according to European Union production regulations. Atalyé only works with suppliers who have one of these certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), STANDARD 100 (by OEKO-TEX®), BlueSign and, for cotton manufacturers, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). These certificates guarantee that there are no harmful substances in the product, and the GOTS certificate also verifies working conditions. Want to know more about cotton certifications? Then click here.

Atalyé also works with deadstock fabrics. These are fabrics leftover from production for other companies who did not use them all. Atalyé uses these leftover fabrics to create limited edition collections. When the fabric runs out, the collection disappears.


Atalyé uses recycled materials such as recycled polyester and recycled nylon. For this, both pre- and post-consumer waste are processed into new materials. The brand often uses mono-materials, meaning their clothes are made 100% from one material. This makes it easier for clothes to be recycled after use. And when these are natural materials, such as cotton and Tencel, the clothes are also biodegradable.

Atalyé’s made-to-measure model ensures they avoid overproduction and waste. The technology they use allows them to work out very precisely how much fabric is needed for a piece of clothing, minimizing cutting and production waste.

Using deadstock fabrics is also very circular as Atalyé recovers quality materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Thus, the company helps avoid waste and needs fewer new raw materials for their collection.

Short chain

Atalyé is committed to ensure their entire supply chain is local and short. All fabrics are carefully sourced from European producers and the entire production of the clothing happens in their own atelier in Amsterdam. With Atalyé, you know your new clothes won’t have travelled a long distance to get to you.

Animal welfare

Atalyé’s clothes do not contain materials of animal origin, meaning they’re completely vegan. The brand is therefore animal-friendly.

In addition, they use Tencel lyocell. This fabric only uses raw materials extracted in sustainable forests. This minimises its impact on local biodiversity.


Atalyé have created a new concept for their collections. While the basic designs remain the same at all times, the collection stays fresh and exciting thanks to new design details introduced every few months. Each design has multiple customisable options, providing many different design possibilities. This way, you can always repurchase your favourite items but with surprising new twists.

This creates a timeless collection that will never stop surprising you. The designs are a combination of both contemporary and classic styles.

Occasionally, Atalyé also launches limited collections. For instance, collaborations with designers and artists or using deadstock materials.


Atalyé gets a 50% score on transparency from us. The company shares a lot of information about their own ways of working and producing, but not much information about the exact suppliers they work with. This is where the brand needs to communicate more transparently.

Looking for clothes that fit your body perfectly? Discover Atalyé's tailored clothing now and find out where to buy this brand below.

Where to buy Atalyé?


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