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Sleek style

Modern design on your ears, around your neck or on your wrist, that's Anna Rosa Moschouti. Jewelry made from recycled and fairtrade materials, ideal for the modern woman.

Nice to meet you, Anna Rosa Moschouti

In 2013, the Greek designer found her passion for making jewellery. As an architect she wanted to create a brand that is stylish, sleek and timeless. In 2017 that dream came true and she started AR.M. Architectural arm, ear, neck and hand accessories that are handmade in a sustainable way in Belgium and Greece.

Eco silver & fairmined gold

Anna Rosa uses Corian to make her jewellery. This is a brand name under the company DuPont that produces kitchen and worktops. The designer used to cut and grind the Corian herself, but now she has it done by the company Glampedakis in Greece. This company not only supplies Corian from DuPont, but also from large companies such as Franke and Hi-Macs. The other materials she uses are bronze, eco silver and fairmined gold. For the latter two Anna Rosa works with small family businesses in Greece. Other silver she uses are surpluses from large companies that she buys.

Handmade in Belgium AND Greece

Since her last collection, Anna Rosa has been working with a small family business in Greece to produce her jewellery. In this way she wants to support the Greek economy and stay true to her roots.


With Anna Rosa Moschouti's durable jewellery you will definitely impress your date!

Where to buy Anna Rosa Moschouti?


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