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10voortwaalf is a sustainable design label that makes interior accessories and utensils from scrap material from its own furniture workshop: meubelmakerij n°12. They work with materials that would normally be seen as waste and redesign them into original wooden chopping boards, trays or geometric shelves with a contemporary, clean and colourful look.


All of 10voortwaalf's products are made in their own workshop in Antwerp. This is a collaboration between furniture maker Gert and his wife Tine. Together they develop the 10voortwaalf contemporary interior accessories. The products are therefore ethically made with love.


Meubelmakerij n°12 make made-to-measure furniture. This creates a lot of scrap material, which would usually end up in the bin but thanks to 10voortwaalf, these scraps are transformed into creative interior accessories. Reusing these waste materials minimises the waste generated by the furniture workshop and does not require any new raw materials for these fun items of interior decor.


10voortwaalf's products are themselves easy to recycle. Most of the products are just wood, often even untreated, which is biodegradable. Even the packaging material is easy to recycle.

When wood is varnished or otherwise treated, it becomes more difficult to recycle. However, this is needed for the products’ quality and ease of use. It also ensures the wood remains beautiful for longer. As the product has a longer lifespan, it is still sustainable.

Short chain

10voortwaalf's supply chain is short and local. The materials come from one workshop, from the remains of n°12 meubelmakerij. Design and production therefore take place in Antwerp.

Animal welfare

There are no animal materials in 10voortwaalf's collection, making it an animal-friendly brand.

It is not clear whether the wood is sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. As a result, we cannot assess the impact of the related wood logging on local ecosystems.


Quality is a main priority for 10voortwaalf. The products are thoughtfully made in a modern, clean and colourful style. Maintenance tips are available on each product page to ensure that your purchase will remain beautiful for a long time.

Due to the brand choosing to work with material scraps, the products are made in limited editions. Colours, finishes or materials can sometimes change. This makes 10voortwaalf’s interior collection unique and personal. The products are often sleek and geometric, combined with colourful touches and elegant shapes.


The brand scores well on transparency. 10voortwaalf describes how its products are locally produced in Belgium by Gert and Tine. We therefore award the brand a score of 90% for its transparency.

Are you looking for circular and striking home decor? An original tray or colourful egg cup? Find out where you can shop 10voortwaalf below.

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