Climate change is threatening the future of coffee. Fairtrade Belgium will not let that happen. They are calling for people to yawn for coffee. Yawn for coffee…? You might be thinking right now. It sounds crazy, but it's Fairtrade's genius new campaign. Because how can you stay awake, without a delicious cup of coffee?

How is climate change threatening the future of coffee?

Temperatures are rising and we are increasingly facing extreme weather conditions. As a result, coffee seeds are ripening faster, which is reducing yields and the quality of the resulting coffee quality. This is making it even harder for coffee farmers to have a viable income and is threatening the future of our cups of coffee, according to Fairtrade Belgium.

What can you do?

That's why Fairtrade Belgium is launching its campaign "A world without coffee, is a bad world" this week, which will run until Fair Trade Week 5-15 October. Under the hashtag #savecoffee, Fairtrade is calling on you to yawn in support of the dire situation coffee producers are finding themselves in.

Submit your yawn to Fairtrade's website and who knows, it might also earn you a nice prize!

Will you yawn along?