Now more than ever shop consciously at local & fair retailers who have been investing in positive change. They were the pioneers realising that our current consumerism isn't the way forward. They are emerging and do business from the heart, with love for their suppliers, for the world and all the people involved.

As at the moment, physical stores will find it even harder due to the Belgian governments who imposed full closing. Hence we at COSH are making an exception in supporting online shopping so that they can survive, thrive and accelerate after Corona.

Because when you spend money now, retailers can (pay the bills) and invest in new products next season. Our actions in supporting small retail today will have implications on how they purchase and keep supporting brands that offer fair trade all-over the planet.

So yes, the coming weeks shopping at COSH stores is really like doing charity.

It is time to place your vote for the world you want to live in after Corona.

To support Fair Fashion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we opened up all our data for Europe. On our map view, you can now find all high street stores with sustainable offerings.

Go Shopping with COSH!

Conscious Shoppen for self care at home?

You can buy all ingredients and the book by Anne Drake to make your own zero waste cleaning products at Druantia (Lier). Iris also has a fantastic selection of the most allergy friendly skin care products.

A completely different range of cosmetics and skin care products can be bought online at.Clothilde (Aalst).

Decorate your house or buy gift vouchers or stock up on birthday, Father`s day or Christmas gifts at Fonetik.

To difficult to buy online but I am confident you can make an appointment for the super eco-friendly mattresses from Greensleep bij Ergodome Kortrijk or Wilrijk Antwerpen.

We all have time to read more books the coming weeks, here are our top tips. Do shop or have them delivered from your local book store please!

If you want to support COSH during the pandemic. Feel free to donate as little as 1 euro! Every little bit helps and will be used towards supporting the industry!

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