Now more than ever we need to shop consciously at local & fair retailers who have been investing in positive change. They were the pioneers realising that our current consumerism isn't the way forward. They are emerging and do business from the heart, with love for their suppliers, for the world and all the people involved.

This is why at COSH!, we are making an exception in supporting online shopping so that they can survive, thrive and accelerate after Corona. Hence for retailers it is going to be even more difficult now for these stores to survive

Following the government decision to close restaurants and café's in Belgium, this results in only essential shopping again for the 2lock down. Hence for retailers it is going to be even more difficult now for these stores to survive.

What are you waiting for?

Conscious Shopping in time of Corona. When shopping is an act of charity and a rebellion for a better world.

Discover all the eco conscious stores in your area you can support

Because when you spend money now, retailers can (pay the bills) and invest in new products next season. Our actions in supporting small retail today will have implications on how they purchase and keep supporting brands that offer fair trade all-over the planet.

So yes, the coming weeks shopping at COSH stores is really like doing charity.

It is time to place your vote for the world you want to live in after Corona.

Do you want to inspire others for shopping fair, eco-sustainable and supporting your locals?

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