Shoes are very often made of leather, which, like any material, presents both advantages and disadvantages. Leather is great because it is very durable and will last for years, even becoming more beautiful with time. However, it is generally produced outside of Europe. Would you like a pair of beautiful and elegant shoes that are sure to last? Then check out the following shoe brands.


Lennertson is the brand for men who enjoy getting dressed up for the day! It’s a Belgian brand which was founded by men for men, and although their designs are mainly vegetarian, they love leather because it lasts. They produce their shoes in their workshop in Spain using the traditional Goodyear Welting technique. Head to Lennertson for a beautiful pair of new shoes!

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Zwartjes van 1883

Live in the centre of Amsterdam or Amsterdam-Zuid, check out Zwartjes van 1883. In the Amsterdam-Zuid shop, you can find shoes for both men and women. Their collection of shoes are timeless and sustainable. Zwartjes van 1883 even has its own shoe brand which is definitely worth trying out, and, with a bit of luck, might even become your new favourite shoe brand!

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Atelier Content

Atelier Content’s range of long-lasting elegant women’s shoes will certainly leave you feeling content. Nele Content designs the shoes in Belgium and gets them made in two different family-run ateliers in Italy. All the shoes are made of leather: Napa leather for the summer collections and mainly calf leather for the winter collections. Do you want a pair of timelessly elegant shoes? Get yourself a pair in Antwerp or Bruges!

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Head to Zappa if you’re looking for a unique collection of men's and women's shoes. The shop selects sustainable and transparent brands that produce as locally as possible. Noesens and Bosabo are just a couple of brands that you’ll find at Zappa. They also buy a limited number of each pair of shoes to avoid surplus stock. Make sure to check out this lovely shop in Antwerp to find a unique pair of shoes!

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At Teym, you will find sturdy chelsea boots for women and men. The chelsea boots are made by hand in their factory in Portugal. These boots are both comfortable and stylish so if you’re in Amsterdam, drop in on Fridays or make an appointment with the team in the trendy Teym shop!

More information about Teym here!
Eco Vegan Shoes

If you’re looking for 100% vegan shoes, Eco Vegan Shoes is the brand for you because they say a resolute no to animal-based materials. Their shoes are instead made of high-tech materials, so they last longer. Do you want a pair of vegan shoes? Then definitely try out EVS!

More information about EVS here!

Check out Gentleberg for your next pair of vegan classic shoes! If you take good care of these shoes, you’ll be looking fashionable for years to come thanks to their timeless designs.

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