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Can you describe your style as rugged and refined? Then the leather shoes from Lennertson might match your outfits perfectly! This Belgian brand was founded by two friends from Hasselt and Genk, Robin Carlo and Robin Todde. Both are (mostly) vegetarian, but still a fan of leather shoes because of the high quality and the repairing possibilities.

Lennertson means 'being lionhearted'; going forward courageously, with your own origin story. The brand was born out of personal need. As the friends grew up, they noticed that shoes in the Benelux and Europe were a bit stiff. British shoe brands delighted and inspired them, but this was not quite what they were looking for either. So they started their own brand, where style comes first and ethical working conditions are guaranteed. With a last maker in England and the production workshop in Spain, fully European!

Ethical & transparent

For the founders of Lennertson, ethical working conditions are essential. Therefore they have chosen to produce in Europe, the shoes are made in a small southern Spanish family factory with about 50 employees, who are all real craftsmen. All leather comes from tanneries in Italy, Spain and Serbia and the lasts on which the shoes are made come from England. The exact production locations were disclosed by Lennertson to COSH, transparent!

Within the European Union, the highest standards, laws and rights are ensured. Moreover, Lennertson has a short supply chain thanks to the entirely European production.

Lennertson chooses to work only with companies that share their values. Robin and Robin regularly visit their partners and maintain a close relationship with them. So you can be sure that your shoes are made in ethical conditions! And there is a lot of work involved, it can take weeks or months before a pair of shoes is finished.


All Lennertson shoes are (so far) made of European cow leather, the material that is most durable according to the founders. There is a layer of cork between the insole and outsole and sometimes the outsole is made of rubber instead of leather. The shoes are constructed using Goodyear welting, a durable and traditional method, which adds another layer of reinforcement around the sole. This construction allows the shoes to last a long time and to be repaired easily.

The shoes are produced in small batches, which helps to ensure quality control. Packaging and shipping of the shoes is done in-house in Belgium. Each pair of Lennertsons passes through the hands of the owners of the company.

Animal wellbeing

It is important for Lennertson to use European leather, because here the standards are relatively high and the cow leather is a waste product.

In the future Lennertson would also like to make vegan shoes. For this, they first need time to research sustainable materials because vegan leather today is mostly plastic-based. It would also be a challenge to make the Goodyear welt vegan.

Circular economy

The shoes are 'made to last' and endlessly repairable, which fits in perfectly with the circular economy! In terms of packaging, the shoes come in boxes made from recycled cardboard, with a filling of thick paper to protect the shoes. The box also comes with a sustainably printed shoe passport containing information about the shoes.

Slow fashion

Style is always a top priority at Lennertson. They want to make stylish items that represent people like themselves, the lionhearted, rugged and refined. The shape, proportion, patterns and materials are chosen accordingly.

The owners of Lennertson have had a special last made in Northampton, England. This last has a specifically shaped toe box and shape, a fundamental part of the shoe design. The fit is a little wider than the standard width as for many men this fits better. The brand also works with the English size system.

Lennertson started with a collection for men, but wants to expand with a women's collection in the future. Because there's a difference in foot shape and therefore in the last, the shoe is currently not suitable for women. The founders believe that the rugged, refined style suits a certain type of person, not a certain gender. A nice thought, we think at COSH!

Lennertson shoes have a timeless look and are not trend dependent. Therefore, Lennerston does not have a continuously changing and successive collection. They also don’t participate in sales, because this doesn't fit in the slow business model.

Can't wait to try the Lennertson shoes with your outfit? Check out the map below to see where you can buy them.

Where to buy Lennertson?