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Looking for elegant shoes that are also exceptionally comfortable at the same time? Then you've come to the right place at Neosens. The Spanish brand values good ergonomics, without compromising on style. Neosens takes inspiration from the Spanish region for its designs and tries to integrate the old techniques and crafts as much as possible. Throughout the production process Neosens strives to save as much energy, transport and emissions as possible. A strong, sustainable shoe brand!


Neosens uses high quality leather for its stylish boots, sandals and heels. The leather is taken from surplus from the food industry. Thus, no additional animals are killed for their skin.

The leather in the shoes is treated with a waterproof layer to ensure that you can wear them in the rain without damaging them. For the treatment of the leather, Neosens uses chromium (so no natural tanning process). However, the factory is located in Spain, so it falls under the strict European legislation. Humans and nature are thus protected from harmful substances. The gluing of the shoes is done without heavy chemicals, better for the environment! Besides leather, the shoes also contain rubber soles. These are composed of a mix of natural and synthetic rubber, to give you the best comfort. So you can walk comfortably even in high heels.


The Neosens factory is located in Spain, as are many of the brand's suppliers. In Spain, the European labor law applies, so you can be sure that the workers are ensured of good working conditions.

Short supply chain

The entire production process is done locally at Neosens. The shoes are made in their own factory in Spain, where the dyeing also takes place and you don't have to drive far for the materials either. The leather comes from cows in Spain, and sometimes from Italy. The inner soles are made in a confined factory 20km from their own. The rubber material is also purchased from a Spanish company nearby. Because of the short chain, unnecessary travel can be avoided. A huge win for the environment!

Slow fashion business model

Neosens makes timeless shoes that last. What's good stays in the collection for many years. So preferably no sales at Neosens.

Neosens does everything to extend the life of your shoe. With every purchase you get a bag with a sponge and tube to grease and care for your shoes. Did you know that if your lace is broken you can request a new one? The combination of high quality materials and proper care ensures that you can enjoy your stylish heels, boots or sandals for years.

Circular Economy

Neosens has set up its own water recycling system and its own recycling park. The perfect example of circular economy! Neosens also recycles cardboard & paper into shapes that they can use in the shoes to keep the shape. In order to produce as little waste as possible, the Spanish brand handles each material with care. For example, the shoe boxes have been recycled for years by a local farmer in Heist-op-den Berg, who uses them to pack potatoes and chicory.

Neosens saves energy by sewing some things by hand, using LED lights and automating the lighting. During summer, the factories are never artificially cooled below 21 degrees. To keep the heat out, the brand has had blinds installed, a more sustainable and cheaper solution than air conditioning.

Fun fact: for those who know El Naturalista, Neosens grew out of this pioneering company! Through trial and error, the company took its first sustainable steps. Neosens was founded in 2006 and stands for the 'new essence'. The company's goal was to produce less energy. They absolutely succeeded in doing so!

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