31 July 2023

14 x sustainable kidswear in Belgium

Cosh SS20 kids infantiumvictoria SF Pgv4 G
Harvest club Leuven store interior COSH kidswear blog
Pim Pam Poen shoes etalage store COSH
Infantium Victoria Zaventem COSH 3
Ridges Steam clothing kids embroidery COSH19
Mai en Kai sustainable underwear kids brand GOTS organic cotton COSH singlets toekan
Scharrelvos kidswear reusable diapers berchem COSH
Closetstories secondhand kidswear Ghent COSH etalage
Funky monkey seconhdand kidswear outfit 2022 blog COSH
Rebelles aalst inside store COSH
La ritournelle brussel
Blos kids aalst shirt second hand COSH
Lunabloom store brugge kids clothes COSH
Blabloom Genk sustainable conceptstore kids babies interior toys COSH


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