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At The Collection One store in Amsterdam-East, you'll find a nice mix of small sustainable brands and vintage clothes. The owner, Lisa Schotman selects all clothes carefully. For the brands, she looks at transparency, certifications and the materials that are used, and she hand-picks all the vintage clothes. This shop has a beautiful slow fashion range in calm neutral tones, so you can build your ideal wardrobe on these key pieces!

Lisa opened The Collection One store in March 2020, after dreaming about it for years. Her store has a sustainable approach and anyone can step in. Simplicity, sustainability and uniqueness are the three core values for the timeless and exceptional offerings.

Are you looking for a beautiful white blouse, a piece of jewellery made from recycled materials or a new sustainable underwear set that you can enjoy for years? Be sure to step into this fabulous store! If you’re looking for the perfect oversized vintage black blazer, you can fill out a form here and the next time Lisa handpicks her vintage clothing, she will see if she can find it for you!

Our brands

RE|claimed Tee
COSH! checked
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Ethically Made
Ethically Made in Europe
Ethically Made Local Social Economy
Planet Friendly: 100% biodegradable materials
Planet Friendly Natural materials using less water resources
Planet Friendly Sustainable Forestry
Planet friendly no microplastics
Planet Friendly No harmful Chemicals are leaching
Circular Upcycled post consumer clothing
Circular Upcycled Pre consumer textile
Short Supply Chain Made in Western Europe
Short Supply Chain Made in The Netherlands
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparancy 100%: textile suppliers and manufacturers are listed on productlevel
Made in Holland
Vintage €€€
Circular Upcycled post consumer clothing
Vintage €€
Circular Upcycled post consumer clothing

Opening hours

Wednesday11:00 - 18:00
Thursday11:00 - 18:00
Friday11:00 - 18:00
Saturday11:00 - 18:00
Sunday13.00 - 17.00
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