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Looking for a beautiful new leather handbag? One of high quality that is also stylish, ethical and ecologically produced? Then be sure to check out the MYoMY store in Amsterdam's cosy 9 streets. 15 years ago Marja Baas founded MYoMY to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry.

At the MYoMY flagship store, all bag enthusiasts are sure to be amazed! You will find all kinds of different models of bags, for women and men. Perhaps you already know the iconic leather MY PAPER BAG, designed by Ramon Middelkoop?

Vegan shoppers will also find a unique bag in the new range made from apple leather and recycled PET bottles. You can read more about the brand here.

All bags from MYoMY can be viewed and compared physically, as a bag lover this store can not be missed on your shopping trip in Amsterdam!

Our brands

COSH! checked
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Ethically Made
Planet friendly part of the collection is organic
Planet Friendly No harmful Chemicals are leaching
Vegan part of the collection is vegan
Circular Upcycled PET Plastics
Circular Business Model Repair or Take Back Service
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparency 90%: textile suppliers and manufacturers are listed

Opening hours

Tuesday11.00 – 18.00
Wednesday11.00 – 18.00
Thursday11.00 – 20.00
Friday11.00 – 18.00
Saturday11.00 – 18.00
Sunday12.00 – 17.00
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