4 great reasons for choosing COSH!

1. Attract new customers

Save time: COSH! can bring you a lot of new customers. COSH! networks and conducts social and online campaigns in which you are not yet active as a retailer. That way we attract new customers for you.

Attract customers from outside your city: sustainable shoppers that are planning a shopping trip in your city can visit you via a custom-made COSH! shopping route. COSH! operates in every city, so if you are familiar with COSH! in your own city, you can simply go on a sustainable shopping trip to another.

Get more customers that are looking for the specific style and budget of the brands you sell. With a COSH! window sticker, passers-by know that you are a sustainable retailer.

2. Help your customers

Help your customers save time in their search for sustainable clothing. Show them on your retail page at a glance which sustainable brands you sell and how those brands are sustainable.

3. Increase your turnover & reduce your costs

✔ Reduce your costs of finding and attracting new customers. Addressing a new target group and finding new customers costs time and money.

✔ Increase your turnover

More (targeted) customers = a higher turnover.

4. Be part of a reliable network

✔ COSH! conducts objective and extensive research into the sustainability characteristics of brands.

We will separate the wheat from the chaff and try to list the sustainability characteristics of a brand as objectively as possible.

✔ No more discussions about what is sustainable and what is not.

COSH! shows on which sustainability characteristics a brand scores.

Do you believe in a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry? Join COSH! now!

Ready for a COSH! membership?

Prices per store/year, ex. VAT, invoiced quaterly or annually.

Flagships or 2nd hand (SILVER)

€ 350 / year

Suitable for flagship stores with 1 brand, or small second-hand boutiques.

  • selectable on the COSH! route planner
  • COSH! window sticker
  • your own detailed retail page
  • one annual review of that retail page
  • every year you select one (new) brand and COSH! (re)researches and (re)analyses their sustainability for you

Mini-multibrand boutiques

€ 450 / year

Suitable for small shops with a wide range of brands.

  • SILVER +
  • one annual brand analysis at your request
  • 2 adjustments per year to your retail page and brand list
  • priority in updates over SILVER subscriptions
  • on request: photo updates of analyzed brands you sell
  • inclusion on COSH!'s social media channels

Big-multibrand boutiques (GOLD)

€ 900 / year

For shops with more than 150m² of retail space.

  • GOLD +
  • two brand analyses per year at your request
  • four adjustments per year to your retail page and brand list
  • priority in updates over GOLD - subscriptions
  • you are helping to build the future of COSH! with your contribution

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