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At ease.

Tranquillo is all about comfort. As a working mother, you don't like to wear exciting jeans or a skirt that keeps crawling up. That's why Tranquillo designs clothing in soft and easy fabrics that won't give you any uncomfortable moments.


Christian Amthor and Michael Kremer founded Tranquillo in 2003. Back then, it was just a shop in Dresden selling small interior design gadgets, fleece jackets and colourful dresses. But according to the owners, things could be even more sustainable and ethical. They chose to start their own brand with comfortable clothing that is made in an environmentally conscious and fair way.


The materials Tranquillo uses are the following: GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and EcoVero viscose. GOTS-certified organic cotton is a super sustainable material if you ask COSH! Not only is the production process monitored to ensure that the cotton is organic, but also to check whether the working conditions are good. Read more about the advantages of organic cotton here.

Polyester is actually not that sustainable, as it contains microplastics, but it is good that they choose the recycled variant. When you wash your fleece, these plastics end up in the water and thus also in nature. But Tranquillo is honest about this and they do this with an eco-label.

EcoVero viscose
is a sustainable type of viscose which is developed in Austria. The wood used for this material comes from responsibly managed forests and the production of the viscose uses less water and causes fewer emissions than the production of conventional viscose. Every Tranquillo garment made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials gets a green globe. Transparency in this area is definitely noticeable and appreciated.

The brand also tries to apply the Zero Waste principle by using up all the rolls of fabric they order. For transport it chooses the most environmentally friendly transport. Tranquillo prefers transport by plane, their agent tells us. Transport by ship takes too long and because of the large amount of cargo transported by ship, the industry as a whole is also more polluting. The packages are made of cardboard and filled with recycled material. The catalogues and brochures are printed on recycled paper. So we can say that the brand does its best to do its bit for the environment.

Fair production

When Tranquillo starts a collaboration with a particular producer, the brand first checks the factory itself. The agent of Tranquillo told us that the owner of Tranquillo himself lived in India for a long time and is very committed to the people who work for him. He wants to give the people there, but also in other countries where they produce, a better life. For example, he bought part of the clothing factory in India and recently renovated the toilet facilities. He has also given a number of people a permanent contract, which is unusual there. With the permanent contract, they now have a salary even if there is no work for a while. In addition, he has helped the owner of the factory to meet the GOTS specifications. In this way, the clothing brand is certain of the good conditions and also maintains a good relationship with its suppliers.

So most of the clothes Tranquillo produces are made in India. Some clothes, like the woolen products are made in Nepal and recently the brand has started producing jeans at a GOTS certified supplier in Turkey. The GOTS certified factories/suppliers are audited by an independent body. Tranquillo's manufacturers are also members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which aims to improve working conditions worldwide.

Comfortable clothing that is affordable and made ethical and environmentally friendly. Who doesn't want that?

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