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At ease.

Tranquillo is all about comfort. As a working mother, you don't like to wear exciting jeans or a skirt that keeps crawling up. That's why Tranquillo designs clothing in soft and easy fabrics that won't give you any uncomfortable moments.


Christian Amthor and Michael Kremer founded Tranquillo in 2003. Back then it was only a shop in Dresden that sold small interior gadgets, fleece jackets and colourful dresses. But the owners thought it could be even more durable and ethical. That's why they chose to start their own brand with comfortable clothing that is made in an environmentally conscious and honest way.


The materials Tranquillo uses are the following: GOTS certified organic cotton and polyester fleece. The latter is actually not very durable, as this fabric contains microplastics. When you wash your fleece, they end up in the water, and therefore in nature as well. But Tranquillo is honest about this and the brand does so on the basis of an eco-label. Every garment made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials is given a green ball. Transparency in this area can certainly be noticed and appreciated.

The brand also tries to apply the Zero Waste principle by using all the rolls of fabric they order. For transport it chooses the most environmentally friendly transport, only in special cases it uses the airplane. The packages are made of cardboard and filled with recycled material. The catalogues and brochures are printed on recycled paper. We can therefore say that the brand is doing its best to contribute to the environment.

Fair production

When Tranquillo starts a collaboration with a certain manufacturer, the brand first checks the factory itself. In this way, the clothing brand is certain of the good conditions and also maintains a good relationship with its suppliers. Tranquillo also checks the certificates of the various factories. These are mainly located in Nepal and India.

In summary
Comfortable clothing that is affordable and made ethical and environmentally friendly. Who doesn't want that?

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