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Fresh wind

You know that feeling. The last days of spring, when temperatures rise and there's not a cloud in the sky. What if you could translate this into clothes? That's exactly what The New Society does. Children's clothes made for kids who are the ray of sunshine in the house.

Eco and fair?

The brand creates a fresh feeling by using cotton and linen. There are blends of the two and you have a separate collection for each.
Some garments are made of organic cottons, such as jerseys and some cardigans. Whether this one is certified is not clear. COSH! thinks it's already positive that when polyester is used, the brand prefers to use recycled polyester. The use of linen and organic cotton is also a plus. However, there should be a bit more transparency. We also don't know where the production location is.


Ruffle dresses, shorts with floral prints, sweaters in soft earth tones. Playful and idyllic clothes for children and teenagers with a golden heart. Find out where you can find these beautiful children's clothing brand below.

Where to buy The new society?