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Fashionable little ones

Does your mini-me also like to follow the crazy trends? Then this is the ideal brand for your child. The Animals Observatory brings the best collections on the market. Denim jackets, bright cardigans, glittery dresses and velvet trousers, this brand has it all.

The brand

The Animals Observatory was founded by Jan Andreu and Laia Aguilar. Laia was previously creative director for Bobo Choses, but decided to start up a new children's clothing brand together with Jan. She designs all the clothes and Jan is in charge of running the company. Laia also makes no distinction between boys and girls. The pants, tops, jumpsuits and jackets are all unisex.

Eco and fair

A bold manifesto https://www.theanimalsobservat... is the brand actually sustainable? Not really. It still uses too many fabrics, such as polyester and foil. Most of the garments contain cotton, but whether this is organic cotton and whether it is certified is not mentioned.

Just as there is no transparency about the ecological side of the brand, there is also nothing about the production location. Who or where TAO has the collections produced is therefore also unprecedented. On the basis of the labels in some jersey garments, we suspect that Portugal is one of the production locations. But COSH! Would still like to see some more information. We have already contacted the brand with questions and are still waiting for an answer.


Does your daughter like glitter or does your son want to be the cool guy? Then this children's clothing brand is the ideal choice! For fierce tights, tutu skirts and sweaters with nice prints you have to be at The Animals Observatory!

Where to buy The Animals Observatory?