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Superstainable is a lifestyle brand certified sustainable. This clothing brand makes sustainable clothes, knitted hats, waterproof raincoats and backpacks for men and women. Their timeless products are amazing quality and made from organic, recycled and sustainable materials. All with the appropriate certification.

Sustainable materials

All Superstainable clothing (even the backpacks!) are made from recycled PET, cotton, certified organic cotton or organic wool.

Working conditions

Superstainable clothing is certified by GOTS certificates (Global Organic Textile Standard, CU 1001697), GRS (Global Recycle Standard CU 1001697) or OCS certificates (Organic Content Standard CU 1001697). Superstainable guarantees that their clothing, raincoats and backpacks are made from sustainable materials and meet the criteria for responsible production and animal welfare. The GOTS and GRS certificates guarantee that the entire production chain is in compliance with their high welfare and environmental standards.

At COSH!, we are pleased that this brand has really recognised all aspects of sustainability and adopted environmental and social standards.

Animal friendly

Wool is a sustainable, natural and biodegradable animal product. When examining wool usage, we check it’s explicitly mulesing-free and that the sheep have been treated with respect throughout the shearing process. We also check for a certificate such as the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), New Merino or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Superstainable is GOTS-certified and is in the process of obtaining the RWS certificate for its wool clothing.

Responsible Wool and Down' standard (RSW label) is a list of criteria that purchased wool must meet. Non-profit organisation One World warns however that it is too early to conclusively say whether the RSW-label really makes a difference to animal welfare. This does mean that we can’t be 100% certain for all RSW-certified clothing brands, Superstainable included! Fortunately, Superstainable is also GOTS-certified.


From their beginnings in 2016, this Danish clothing brand has focused on building strong and reliable supply chains. Superstainable uses a unique transparency card to show who the end suppliers are and which certificates they have obtained: we see one in China and one in Turkey. COSH! views Superstainable as 50% transparent, and that's quite a lot! Due to the great diversity of materials used by Superstainable, COSH! thinks in the future it would be better if they showed where their end suppliers bought their fabrics from so we can see whether their short-chain ambitions have been achieved! Superstainable is aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and wants to communicate openly with its customers. We can only encourage this further!

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