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Spruce Goose is a Belgian, circular brand that makes wooden accessories consisting of existing materials from closets and cupboards from the Kringloopwinkel, the most famous and mostly used thrift shop in Belgium, and cutting waste from tilers. Founder Jens Michiels started the brand because of his passion for woodworking. With his brand, he wants to show that you can also make nice things from materials that others would define as ‘waste’. The beautiful wooden breadboards and innovative plant pots proves him right completely!

Circular materials

All Spruce Goose products are made of materials that would otherwise end up on the garbage belt. This makes them completely circular! The cutting boards are made from old closets and shelves from a second hand shop that do not get sold. Normally this wood would end up in the wood container. For the tiles from the ‘10% collection’ goes the same: for these they use leftovers from a tiler in the area.

Ethically and locally produced

All wooden boards are 100% self made by Jens himself in his atelier in Mechelen. So you can be completely sure that these products are made in an ethically responsible way. Thanks to the local production we can speak of a short supply chain. With your purchase at Spruce Goose you do not only save CO2 emissions but you also support your local entrepreneur!

Spruce Goose Woodbutter

To protect the boards, they are rubbed in with Spruce Goose Woodbutter. This product is made from Belgian bee wax (from Nectarist) and mineral oil. The Woodbutter regenerates the natural colour of the wood and is completely food safe. Even more, the product does not contain any chemicals or additives.

Make your plants an eyecatcher with SeaLid and Avocadeau

Next to Spruce Goose chopping boards you can also find SeaLid, which is a wooden design lid with which you can cover your planter. With SeaLid you avoid that your children or pets can dig in your planter. This way you do not need wood chips or stones for your plant. Next to that, your flower pot becomes a real piece of art with the SeaLid. A true win-win, in other words!

P.s.: Are you or do you know someone that loves avocado plants? Then Avocadeau is the perfect present! This package consists of beautiful planters with a matching SeaLid. What are you waiting for?

Personalisation: give a unique and local present

At Spruce Goose you can also find personalised products. Do you want a bread board with your logo on or a SeaLid with a personal message? It is all possible! Because of this, the Spruce Goose products are also a very fun and unique present.

Are you still looking for a nice bread chopping board, tapas board or other wooden accessories that are locally made from circular materials? Then Spruce Goose is the palace to be. Discover the sales points down below:

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