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SAN FCO Denim Culture is a denim shop in Barcelona. Recycling and reusing garments that were created years ago, that are in good condition and that some have gone out of fashion, is what drove Chiscu and Luis to create the SAN FCO Denim Culture brand.

In their Barcelona workshop, they give a second life and their own style to all the garments, with the aim of creating unique denim garments according to the customer's personality.


Chiscu and Luis, two denim lovers, are the creators of SAN FCO Denim Culture. They customise any type of denim clothing, jackets, shirts, waistcoats, jeans in their own creative workshop located in Barcelona.

They customize all the garments in a handmade way, drawing and painting by hand, with a brush. They create designs according to the style and personality of the client, making unique garments, because they never make two identical designs.


At SAN FCO Denim Culture they work to order, thus avoiding overstock of denim garments. Once the customer contacts them, they look for the garment that best suits the customer in different shops, or they use the denim jacket that the customer sends them to create the customised garment.

On their website you can consult the type of jacket they use for the personalised jackets. But if you don't quite like them, you can contact them and they will find the perfect denim jacket for you.

At SAN FCO Denim Culture, they don't make new clothes, they give a second life to existing garments by customising them, which is why SAN FCO Denim Culture is an environmentally responsible brand!


SAN FCO Denim Culture uses second-hand garments or garments that the customer no longer uses, thus contributing to a circular economy. This circular model aims to give garments a second life for as long as possible and to generate as little waste as possible.

Thanks to SAN FCO Denim Culture, denim garments get a second life, transforming them into unique denim garments, which otherwise might have ended up as textile waste.

Short chain

The customisation process of the denim garments is made to order in their own workshop in Barcelona and produces zero waste.

Animal welfare

As the brand works by customising denim garments it receives from customers or by buying from second-hand shops, some garments may come from animals. For example, the logo tags, which are placed on the back of denim, may be made of leather.

But, thanks to SAN FCO Denim Culture, denim garments that may contain leather or other animal fibers are reused. This is great because it avoids creating new garments and the use of new materials.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

At SAN FCO Denim Culture they extend the life of your jeans. If your jeans have any rips, tears or damage, you can go to their workshop in Barcelona or contact them to get them repaired and give them a new life.

Repairing is a cheaper alternative to buying new clothes. In their workshop you will find people with great experience in cutting and sewing garments, and in repairing them.

In addition, they never throw away denim. They recycle denim garments, creating new objects, giving them a second life in a different way, creating all kinds of garments; purses, aprons, bags… anything they can think of!

So if you were thinking of getting rid of any denim garments, take them to SAN FCO Denim Culture, they will recycle them in some way, so as not to generate textile waste on the planet.


In terms of traceability, they don't know exactly where the jackets and denim they buy (or that the customer gives them to customise) come from. At COSH! we are aware that it is difficult to achieve traceability of second-hand garments.

They can ensure that the process of customising the garments is ethically done in their own workshop in Barcelona.

Bored of always wearing the same clothes? If you are looking for originality, don't hesitate to go to SAN FCO Denim Culture and get a unique denim garment painted according to your style and personality. You will feel unique!

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