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Looking for a circular t-shirt? RE|claimed's women's t-shirts are made from 'reclaimed' or recycled and biodegradable materials. The story of RE|claimed is 100% European!

Leonie Windhouwer founded RE|claimed in 2020 and researched how a women's shirt could be produced as sustainably as possible. That's why these shirts use as much waste as possible. Currently, that means at least 30% recycled cotton, supplemented by wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. The t-shirts are sewn locally and dyed in social workshops in Amsterdam-West.

Curious to hear the story behind RE|claimed Tee's classic white, indigo blue, and avocado pink-colored t-shirts? Then keep on reading!


The RE|claimed Tees are made entirely in Europe, where labor laws and regulations established by the European Union apply. As a result, we can assume that the products are made in ethical working conditions.

The textile fibers are knitted into rolls of fabric in the Porto region of Portugal. The t-shirts are then sewn by migrant workers at the Amsterdam-based workshop Makers Unite. This workshop has over 60 years of collective experience in textile and clothing construction and has a keen eye for quality. When the t-shirts are stitched there, they are dyed naturally in the Roua Atelier, among others. That is also a social, safe workshop in Amsterdam-West.


Do you already know the innovative material Refibra from Austria? RE|claimed Tee uses this fabric for all their t-shirts! This is good news for the planet because it is a combination of 30% cotton waste and 70% sustainable wood pulp from Tencel. That combined with natural dyes from indigo, avocado, and gall apple, among others, makes the t-shirts 100% natural and biodegradable, except for the labels and yarn, which are made from recycled polyester. In addition, the Refibra fibers are made in a closed-loop system so that no harmful chemicals end up in nature and 95% less water is needed than for the production of typical cotton.

The Portuguese manufacturer responsible for converting the fibers to fabrics also handles the materials sustainably, recycling 98% of the residual materials from their own production.

Animal Welfare

Since no animal materials are used during the production RE|claimed tees, no animals have to suffer. Therefore, the brand's t-shirts are completely vegan!

Circular Economy

RE|claimed tee t-shirts are designed with circularity as a priority. Therefore, they incorporate as much cotton waste as possible that would otherwise end up in landfills. Because that cotton is mixed with another natural material, wood pulp, and the products are dyed with natural dyes, the t-shirts are completely biodegradable.

So when you’ve enjoyed their high-quality basics for as long as possible and the t-shirt is no longer wearable, repairable, or recyclable, it will not leave any damage or waste in nature.

In addition, RE|claimed Tee wants to become even more circular. The aim for the future is to make t-shirts from 100% cotton waste. A great goal!

Slow Fashion

RE|claimed is truly a slow fashion brand. You'll score wardrobe essentials here. Quality, sustainable women's t-shirts that last. Of the naturally dyed variants, the color may change slightly or fade over time. So you can see that your clothes are alive.

Moreover, the t-shirts have a timeless design and color palette. The brand does not release a new collection every season and goes against fast fashion. RE|claimed encourages you to buy less but better. A mindset that we can totally relate to at COSH!

Short Chain

RE|claimed works super-locally. First, Leonie Windhouwer designs the t-shirts in the Netherlands. The textile fibers come from Austria, the fabrics are knitted in Portugal and then the t-shirts are dyed and stitched in Amsterdam. This local production supports the local industry, minimizes CO2 emissions, and contributes to transparency.


Transparency is an important part of sustainability, and RE|claimed agrees. Both through the information on their website, and during their conversation with COSH!, RE|claimed communicated openly about the production process, locations, materials, and dyeing methods. All exact suppliers and studios have been disclosed to COSH!

Are you curious about what RE|claimed's clothing looks and feels like? Then be sure to check out one of the stores on the map below or visit the RE|claimed Tee webshop itself.

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