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A perfume that suits you perfectly, that satisfies your needs and turns heads. You are guaranteed to find it with the help of scent stylist Ellis Gijsen. You can go to her for perfume advice. Choose a fragrance that does justice to your hair and at the same time gives you a warm feeling. A perfume that tells your life story in a second. Or create your own perfume. Choose how people will remember you. Are you more into floral scents or do you like to keep it mysterious with an amber scent? Ellis helps you on your way to your unique perfume and explains everything you need to know about how perfume is developed.

The brand Ellis works with is InTensity, a perfume range that puts time into creating the perfect scents and time into developing lasting perfumes. Do you want to take care of your skin with the same fragrance? No problem. Let Ellis add your scent to the brand's standard skincare products and it's yours. When you run out of perfume, you can always refill it at Ellis. This way, according to Zero Waste principles, you only use one bottle instead of several.

Addicted to good fragrances? Then you have something in common with Ellis Gijsen. So be sure to visit her for perfume advice.


Intensity Ellis Gijsen parfums op maat
Ellis Gijsen intensity parfums op maat
Cosh Ellis Gijsen IMG 5885
Ellis gijsen cosh brugge perfume

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