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Overall Office is a slow fashion brand from Prague that produces high-quality lingerie in small quantities. The collections consist of lingerie, swimwear and accessories for men and women. Overall Office always uses ecological fabrics and produces ethically and locally.

Ethically made

For the production of the garments, the brand collaborates with local producers and manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Overall Office produces in small quantities and consciously chooses specialised factories with good labour regulations. For tailor-made garments such as trousers and jackets, they work with individual seamstresses. Overall Office regularly visits the factories and thus has a good view of the working conditions.

Sustainable materials

Overall Office uses GOTS-certified organic cotton for their T-shirts and socks. Organic cotton is difficult to grow in the European climate. That is why Overall Office works with high-quality organic cotton from Turkey. Unlike India, the Turkish biosafety law prohibits GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In addition, Turkey's proximity to Europe ensures minimal CO2 emissions.

In addition to new organic cotton fabrics, the brand also buys deadstock fabrics. These are textile surpluses that are no longer used. Overall Office buys these fabrics and gives them a second life. A great example of circular economy! The brand buys deadstock fabrics at Textil Mountain store or other European suppliers.

The brand also uses recycled fibres, mainly for their swimwear. The bikinis and swimming costumes are made of recycled polyamide ECONYL® yarn. This yarn is made from waste coming from the oceans and landfills.

Slow Fashion

Overall Office operates according to the slow fashion principle. The brand does not believe in trends or seasons and makes timeless, high-quality garments. Thanks to a perfect fitted cut and high-quality craftsmanship, the clothes from Overall Office lasts a long time.

In addition, Overall Office produces various carry-over products that continue to be worn over several seasons. These garments are not going to sales and remain available throughout the year.

Short supply chain

Overall Office looks for their producers and suppliers of fabrics as close to home as possible and thus keeps the production chain as short as possible. By doing so, they reduce the ecological footprint of the garments.

Spend your money wisely and invest in timeless garments from Overall Office that can grow with you. Discover the sales points of Overall Office below.

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