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Where's the time when tearing the pants was a matter of patience.
Now the shops are full of shredded jeans that in many cases leave nothing but a piece of fabric. For a pair of trousers with holes, you quickly pay 100 euros. What many people forget is that these holes only get bigger and that after a short period of time you can't wear your jeans anymore.

So it's not a sustainable trend. Fortunately, there are still denim brands, such as Nudie Jeans, that keep it old school. That's why the brand doesn't do sanding or pre-washing. So these jeans don't have any holes, you have to take care of that yourself. Because of the character of your jeans you still create the best yourself.


Nudie has jeans in different shapes and lengths, all made from the same material: GOTS certified organic cotton. The same goes for T-shirts, shirts, and sweaters. Other materials the brand also uses are recycled polyester and Lenzing Lyocell. With skinny jeans, there is a small percentage of elastane present to maintain elasticity. And what about those microplastics of the polyester? Nudie has more or less a solution for this: the Guppyfriend. This is a laundry bag with a filter that prevents a large part of the microplastics from ending up in the water. Nudie jeans has thought of everything!

The wide jeans are made entirely from organic cotton and are therefore very easy to recycle. Nudie often does the same with the jeans that has been brought in. They use these for restorations or to make the bucket hats. Since 2018 they also have the Rebirth denim in their collection. These are trousers made of old Nudie jeans mixed with new organic cotton to extend the wearing time. Is there something torn in your Nudie pants? Don't panic, just bring them in at one of the Nudie Repair Shops. There, every team is ready to bring your jeans back to life. You can also bring in your old Nudie's to have them recycled. Hello, circularity and longevity!


If they score so well on ecology, surely the brand is also doing fair trade? Indeed, because Nudie has the clothing produced by factories that comply with a very strict Code of Conduct. The producer of jeans is located in Tunisia and is an Italian company. They have the shirts made in India and the T-shirts and sweaters in Portugal. Because 60% of the collections are produced in Europe, Nudie thinks it's only fair that factories outside Europe are treated in the same way. This ensures fair wages and good working conditions.


Since Nudie Jeans communicates so strongly about everything that happens in and around the company, this brand gets 100% Transparency from us. COSH! recommends this brand! See below where you can find this denim brand. And do you want to be absolutely sure of a 'fresh-from-the-press' pair of trousers? Then be sure to choose the Dry Jeans!

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